Ed Ludbrook

"I created Dacxi because I know that people need the right help with new financial opportunities like crypto. They need more than just an exchange, they need a flexible human-based system that provides help, education and information that will build their confidence to make smarter decisions. This is how you make a real difference, by helping people navigate a path to long-term, life-changing wealth. We are also currently developing a revolutionary new way of crowdfunding innovative companies that will further democratize wealth and change the world as we know it."

A little about me

Ed is a Financial opportunities futurist, educator, entrepreneur and passionate Crowd-Evangelist. His books have sold more than two million copies in 20 languages. Dacxi’s unique business model has evolved from his thirty years as one of the world’s leading experts in building the crowd in new industries. He has listed two companies on a stock market in London; one is a billion dollar operation. Ed has also been an adviser to the British government and numerous companies across the world building unique businesses in new industries.

Founding Dacxi

Ed founded Dacxi in 2017 with a vision to lead the new Crowd Wealth category with a mission to create prosperity for all. When not driving the expansion of the company, Ed passions are his family, rugby, skiing, reading history and discussing geo-strategic issues.