Katharine Wooller

"I joined Dacxi because I am passionate about normal people building their wealth through crypto, and we are the only platform ‘hand-holding’ those who are new to crypto. I have worked in blockchain-related businesses for a number of years, and I know that this type of technology will be part of all our daily lives in the near future. This wave of adoption will mirror and dwarf the dotcom boom and offers a huge opportunity. I believe that very soon the world will be divided into those who know about crypto and those left behind!"

A little about me

Katharine has spent her career working in innovative start-up businesses, specialising in strategy and business development. Primarily focused on fintech and banking, she has worked for technology driven businesses in a number of sectors including investment banking, wealth management, hedge funds, and asset management. She has provided advisory services as a Non-Executive Director, focusing on disruptive fintech and blockchain related businesses.

Joining Dacxi

Katharine joined the business in its early stages, to launch the UK and Europe. Dacxi has an easy and intuitive platform, and provides industry leading education to those wishing to get involved with crypto. Dacxi has medium term plans to offer other wealth opportunities via the platform, focusing on the technology sector. When not working hard on spreading Dacxi’s message, Katharine can be found horse riding or long distance running.