Crypto is taking over the world, one wave at a time.

Edward Ludbrook

Feb 16, 2021


I’ve been involved with hyper-growth industries for over 30 years now and in my experience, there are distinct phases that all industries go through. These patterns are called strategic waves and are consistent over and over again, no matter the industry you examine or field you are involved with. Let me give you an example. 

The mobile phone industry had its first wave which started with massive phones with batteries so large they were called 'car phones'. These phones were roughly the size of a brick and because their batteries were so huge they often died after just a few hours. Next came the explosive growth stage that made Nokia a household name and suddenly everyone had a phone. What Nokia did was important for two reasons -- firstly, it diversified the Mobile phone market by making it available to the masses. Secondly, it demonstrated what was possible if you leveraged the mobile network infrastructure and associated support services to their full potential. The last the 'flip phone' which was a slang term used to describe a new type of phone in the '90s. It was the next evolution and was popular for many years.

Meanwhile, a new strategic wave of mobiles was being born. These new phones were connected to the internet and they came with more technological advancements that improved their performance. This was the next mobile wave that would take over. It was called the smartphone. It seemed unreal at the time that there was an actual phone and a computer combined together into one. Blackberry was the biggest thing after Nokia's phones in 2007. The success of Blackberry would continue for many years and many people were quite happy with it. Apple then took over the market by launching the iPhone and introduced new technology like multi-touch screen, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which changed the Smartphone world forever. Google also launched Android software and the new wave just accelerated. It wasn't long before a phone with the internet became an internet phone. Eventually, calls became almost inconsequential as the focus on the 'phone'  became data and which is used for text messaging, web surfing, emails, social networking, and more! 

The first Crypto-Currency 'Wave' was one that had been building for a while and it peaked in the madness of 2017-8 which led to a  torrid period of correction and development. It's typical to see these strategic ‘waves’ of activity in terms of growth and adoption at certain times. After the initial high of December 2017, the crypto markets took a downward turn. Those involved at the time, like Dacxi, navigated this challenge and remember this as the 'Crypto-Winter'.  Rather than a downward turn though, this was actually a turning point as the crypto-industry for the next two years invested in better platforms, security, marketing and operations. 

The end of 2020 saw those investments bear fruit as the major financial institutions announced they were launching into this sector of the financial world and thus the speculative value of digital assets, exploded upwards. With global 24/7 trading and simple access, prices have grown 500%+ in 12 months.

The key point I want you to understand is that as a company, we totally expected this. A graph Dacxi has been touting for 2 years predicted and showed the inevitability of this new growth stage. We have reached that point where crypto is starting to grow very quickly, pushing the envelope in terms of volume of market adoption. However, we are still in the very early stages of distributing cryptocurrency to a broader population and new entrants coming into crypto now see where the market is today as the start. They see Bitcoin the price at $50k as the start of a journey. They listen to the experts who believe that now Bitcoin has a 'foundation', i.e. 50k, it has the strength to grow by 5 to 10 times more. You don’t have to be a techie to understand where crypto is going!

So buckle up! This boom we are seeing today is only just the start. One thing is certain: Bitcoin has made it over almost every mountain imaginable on its way up the investing landscape and a new era of building Crypto Wealth has begun. Prices are going to jump around yet there is no doubt about it that the cryptocurrency is getting ready to launch itself into outer space! Attention: the space shuttle is departing from the rocket port. Don’t miss it.

The DACXI Coin

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Have a great week.

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