A Dacxi Coin Update | 10 Aug 2021



Aug 10, 2021


For people new to Dacxi, our 'Dacxi Coin' is the native currency of the Dacxi ecosystem. Despite being in its early days as far as an investment (a great time to buy), people are very excited about its potential!

1. Intrinsic Value.

Anyone educated on crypto will be familiar with discussions around ‘intrinsic value'; Which is, what the coin is going to be used for. Dacxi as a business is focused on leading the world to pioneer the Crypto-Wealth sector yet the Dacxi Coin's intrinsic value is based on the global tokenized crowd-funding [TCF] system we are launching on top of our Crypto-Wealth network. 

What is Dacxi’s tokenized crowd-funding system? This system will be implemented to solve the fundamental flaws early-stage innovative hyper-growth companies experience when trying to find access to vital capital. Imagine the power of being able to raise capital globally, no matter where your company was based!

The Dacxi Coin will power the TCF, allowing investments to be sent internationally in the most efficient manner (the Dacxi Chain), while also being used to pay for blockchain fees and Dacxi exchange fees. 

When one imagines thousands of offers all on the Dacxi platforms geared towards raising millions of dollars, it's easy to see why people are excited about the Dacxi Coin's potential. 

2. Coin Listings.

To get the Dacxi Coin globally listed on major crypto exchanges, a few month ago we set out on a three-stage strategy.

Stage 1. April-May. List on one Tier 3 exchange. 
Status: Completed. We are listed on Crex24.

Stage 2. June-Sep. List on Tier 2 exchanges. Gain 3xDATA partners. Build liquidity. 
Status:  We have 3xTier 2 exchanges. 1xDATA [HitBTC] BitGo. We’re seeing liquidity build. 

Stage 3. Quarter4. List on Tier 1 exchange. 
Status: In progress.

Listing on Tier 2 exchanges is harder than most would imagine, which is why less than 5% of all coins have ever been listed on a Tier 2 exchange. And we’re proud to say Dacxi has already been listed on three of these exchanges, with more to come!

3. Coin Liquidity.

Coin price and ability to sell is all based on the exchanges a coin is listed on and the 'trading liquidity' - the amount of buying and selling. Because Dacxi is focused on crypto-wealth, the opposite of trading, we have had to build our coin trading community from scratch since May. The major marketing efforts can only start now that HitBTC is launched. Over the coming weeks, if you are in our 'Dacxi Coin Community' on Telegram, you will see the marketing being rolled out to the trading world to build liquidity. Competitions, PR, Influencers, etc. Exciting times! 

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to join the 'traders' community for Dacxi Coin.


4. Final Key Points.

We encourage you to 'Watchlist' Dacxi on Coinmarketcap https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/dacxi/

The 'circulating supply' on coinmarketcap is only 10% of real supply because we are an exchange, and we store the coins of our customers. We are fixing this which will increase the market capitalization.

On Monday we hosted our first AMA which was highly successful. Catch the replay here and stay tuned for our next one!