Dacxi: A crypto community like no other


Vicky Barker

Mar 22, 2021


A few months ago, I was asked to take on the role of Chief Brand Officer at Dacxi, the world’s first Crypto Wealth Platform. My first task was to define the Dacxi community. Sounds simple, but it’s easier said than done – because Dacxi is unlike any other crypto community I've ever seen. Since entering the crypto industry in 2016, I’ve experienced every kind of community you can think of. From toxic and troll-filled Slack channels to Twitter wars between random strangers, to forums with zero moderation, rules, or restrictions. Dacxi is very different. If you ask me, it’s the most awesome community on the planet. Here's a look at why. 

The crypto industry has always been dominated by male, tech-savvy millennials.

When we started Dacxi back in 2017, our biggest concern was that the crypto market wasn’t accessible to the average person. Cryptocurrency had (and still has) the unshakeable image of being exclusively the domain of young, tech-savvy, mostly male millennials. Many of the major crypto exchanges were designed with this demographic in mind. They require tech skills to use, they’re complicated to navigate and have strong millennial branding. 

Cryptocurrency was founded on the principles of financial inclusion. But in reality, the crypto community had a diversity problem – particularly when it came to women and people over the age of 45. 

As a woman in my early-50s, I felt this lack of inclusion keenly. It was hard for me to break into the crypto community. At times, the industry felt like a hotbed of chauvinism and even downright misogyny – especially online. To be fair, crypto was just getting started, and there’s no question that this group of ‘male-llenials’ helped pioneer this newly emerging sector of finance. But as it grew momentum, more and more segments of the population were also beginning to get excited about cryptocurrency. Trouble is, the industry was leaving them behind.

Over half the world’s population is completely ignored by exchanges. 

Today, crypto has become so mainstream that no one underestimates its potential impact. It’s the best performing new asset class on the planet, attracting people from all walks of life – from celebrities and athletes to thought leaders and governments. But two of the most important (and most often forgotten) market segments are baby boomers and women. 

In 2020, baby boomers and the silent generation combined accounted for 90% of household wealth in the USA alone. It’s clear these groups hold incredible potential for growth, but they’ve been consistently underserved and left out of marketing strategies. Just Google “cryptocurrency exchange” or “cryptocurrency trading platform” and you’ll see the first ten results are almost exclusively targeted at men under 45. 

The industry has essentially left 35million+ potential users forgotten. The world’s women and baby boomers have tens of trillions of dollars to spare, but can’t find a suitable place to start buying cryptocurrencies. They’re perfectly placed to embrace the technology, if only they could understand it better.

Dacxi is designed for these under-served target markets. 

In 2018 we analyzed the market and decided to get ahead of the curve – catering purely to the needs of over 45-year-olds and women. In doing so, we found our niche in the much-hyped crypto market and tapped into a wellspring of interest that has so far been largely ignored.

We saw that our target market faced unique challenges. They felt crypto was overwhelming and intimidating. So we focused on helping these people get started in cryptocurrency in a safe, secure way – without feeling patronized, limited by their online experience, or lost in complicated jargon or coding languages.

We built Dacxi from the ground up, with an established team of industry experts who were passionate about developing wealth creation opportunities for everyday people. We created an ecosystem that provides simplified access to cryptocurrencies, and the information people need to make smarter decisions about their investments. 

From day one, Dacxi took a radically different approach to solving our target’s pain points. 

Our customers aren’t hipsters sitting on a pile of Bitcoin in San Francisco, or geeks in basements who just want to jargonize anyone who tries to come into crypto. They’re ordinary people from all over the world, learning about and getting involved in this new type of investment for the first time. 

To really build this under-served audience’s crypto confidence, we needed to create more than a place to learn about, buy, and sell crypto. Our vision included a community filled with like-minded people with all the same questions and fears. A community who wants to reach their financial goals together. 

Today, Dacxi has fostered a social community like no other crypto exchange ever has. 

Our community is built on crypto learning, powered by webinars, education, and information. Everyone is welcome to join our weekly online or live workshops. In the last year alone, we’ve conducted over 300 webinars, with a global audience of tens of thousands. During COVID, these opportunities to connect were a lifeline to solo operators in lockdowns around the world.

But even more than learning, our community is built on heart. We’ve organically grown into a family of crypto enthusiasts. Mix a caring and fun team with a dash of finance, and a sprinkle of eagerness to help, and you’ll get Dacxi. The welcoming experience we provide for women and baby boomers, in particular, gives them the freedom and confidence to start their crypto journey. In the industry, this approach is unheard of. It’s totally unique.

Our platform is an educational resource, an inspirational forum, and a social hub.

Dacxi’s new website tells our story, and it’s about more than just crypto. Our Life Without Limits blog is full of inspirational customer stories and posts about the way Dacxi has impacted people’s lives. Written by Dacxi customers, these stories offer up real insight into living a life of financial freedom through crypto. They motivate and inspire others to start their own crypto journey.

Dacxi community members join our platform because they want to be part of something bigger than themselves. So we’re all about facilitating connection, both online and in real life. 

Our demographic has taken to video chat in a major way, using it to share their experiences on a deeper level. In Australia, our customers regularly meetup to chat crypto over snapper, salad, and a beer at Dacxi dinners and lunches. Our members actively support one another, and genuinely want to help everyone they know feel financially empowered. It’s one of the most refreshing things about the Dacxi platform.

Dacxi’s community is built for tomorrow.

Exponential leaps in technology and breakthroughs in knowledge have the potential to change our world for the better. In this exciting time of rapid change and growth, it’s a privilege to play a role in shaping the future. But it’s also a great responsibility. Rapid change comes with risks, and the traditional concepts of collaboration, cooperation, and leadership are constantly being questioned and tested. 

Today’s world can sometimes feel more divided than ever, but Dacxi’s community is united. We’re united by our drive to build bridges, and tear down walls in the pursuit of progress, sustainability, abundance, and togetherness. 

And that’s the Dacxi difference. 

To join the Dacxi community on the world’s first Crypto Wealth Platform, visit dacxi.com.