Dacxi helps Financial Professionals upskill with CPD course accreditation



Mar 14, 2022


In today’s fast-moving world of innovation and technology, staying up-to-date with the latest skills and knowledge is more critical than ever. For professionals it’s important to give employers and clients they advise confidence that their skills are current and relevant. But how do they do that? With Continuous Professional Development. 

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is the umbrella term used to describe educational activities that level-up a professional’s skills and knowledge. That includes activities like courses, training, workshops, and seminars. 

Professionals in many sectors – including accountants and financial advisers – need to regularly undertake CPD throughout their careers. They must build a ‘CPD Portfolio’, which documents the CPD-accredited activities they’ve completed throughout the year. These portfolios are then reviewed by professional bodies to help ensure the individual is meeting their CPD requirements.  

“CPD is an important tool for professionals to give their clients, and their employers, confidence in their skills,” says Gisa Ellis, Dacxi’s Global LEARN Director. “That’s why Dacxi LEARN is thrilled to announce that our course, ‘Unlocking the Crypto Opportunity for Financial Professionals’, has been awarded CPD accreditation.” 

The course was evaluated by the CPD Assessments Team, who undertook a rigorous review of its integrity and quality, and analyzed the course’s structure and materials. They determined that the course was compatible with global CPD requirements, and met the high standards required to become an accredited CPD course. 

'Unlocking the Financial Opportunity for Financial Professionals' includes topics such as ‘The crypto world beyond Bitcoin’, ‘How crypto fits into the traditional wealth landscape’, ‘The regulatory and tax implications of crypto’, and ‘What crypto’s growing popularity means for Financial Professionals’. It’s designed to empower advisors with the knowledge they need to offer their clients competent crypto advice.

Ellis explains that the course’s CPD accreditation means financial professionals can now include it in their CPD Portfolio as proof of their high level of education in the emerging crypto market. “For clients seeking support in navigating this new digital asset, it will provide an invaluable level of confidence in the advice they receive,” she says. 

The Dacxi LEARN platform is designed to empower both financial professionals and individual investors alike with the information they need to succeed in crypto. 'Unlocking the Financial Opportunity for Financial Professionals' is just one of a number of courses available on the platform. Plans are in place to submit further educational resources for CPD accreditation, to offer even more support for clients and financial professionals seeking to upskill in the ever-changing world of crypto.

To take the 'Unlocking the Financial Opportunity for Financial Professionals' course, sign up here. And take the first step towards offering clients the clear and confident crypto advice they’re searching for.