How crypto has helped me live life on my terms


Laurie Traquair

Nov 24, 2020


Financial freedom has been a long and winding road for me, and crypto has been an important part of that journey.  Looking back there’s definitely some reoccurring themes whilst I discovered my passion and purpose.  

I grew up in the East End of London in the seventies, where there weren’t really any entrepreneurial or business minded people as mentors.  I think we all grow up with a certain amount of baggage from the stories your parents tell you around money, and whilst we were OK financially I definitely picked up the scarcity mindset, and can remember hearing comments like “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “it’s the root of all evil”.   Growing up I really wanted to be a teacher, and often delivered lessons to a row of my teddies and dolls!  Unfortunately, my school wasn’t the most supportive, particularly as I really hated reading in public, and there wasn’t really a sense that you should choose a career to follow your passions – in fact I can remember my mum telling me my only real option was to get married! 

I left school at 16, and got my first full time job looking after horses at Buckingham Palace, which on one level was great because I loved animals, but the hours were really heavy, starting at 5am, and with the cost of travel, the pay was really low.  I’ve always been very social, and was finding it was interfering with my fun time that all teenagers love.  Even then I felt that I was entitled to enjoy my work and be financially secure so I wasn’t happy to continue working there.  It was probably the first time I realised I had the mindset of wanting to make something of myself.  I took a few different jobs including working at a fancy West End jeweller and as a dental nurse but none really inspired me.

My love of animals and helping people was what really interested me.  I had kept my own horse, in a garden in Hackney, grazing it on the common, and I had worked part time in my Mum’s pet shop whilst I was at school, and decided to take a full-time job there. I loved assisting the customers and their animals, being surrounded by people that loved their pets, and helping them with their animal health needs.  I loved it so much I actually spent 4 decades working there, and 3 generations of my family have now worked in the shop, which ended up being quite famous from being on TV and having celebrity customers.  It also gave me the chance to shape up my commercial skills as a buyer, and I had a good eye for what the clients wanted and negotiating the best prices with the manufacturer rather than a wholesaler who added their margin. 

Whilst I loved it, I knew it was time for a change, and as I always had a strong interest in personal development, and in 2015 started studying it as a side interest.  It was quite hard to step out of the comfort zone of the regular income and company dividends cheques that had provided for me over most of my life.  I also had the personal fear that having no qualifications will hold me back – again something I’d heard a lot growing up.    I therefore spent a lot of time looking at different businesses trying to work out what I’d like to do next.  On spending a lot of time on internal reflection I finally gained the clarity on my values which gave me the confidence and inspiration to study to be transformational life coach.  I’d finally run out of excuses not to do it, and can remember physically shaking with fear when I was accepted onto the course.  It was a daunting step, which meant investing tens of thousands of pounds into retraining, and travelling to America.   Finally, I could realise my passion for helping people! 

As part of my coaching work, I sometimes introduce my clients to crypto. I specialise in goal setting, which is often focused on how someone spends their time and money.  I help my clients really clarify what they are trying to achieve, and often multiple sources of income are a key part of this.  When I was at school no-one talked about financial awareness or opportunities, or gave me the impression that we live in an abundant world full of possibilities. 

 I was introduced to crypto by a friend in 2019 – for which I am eternally grateful!  I try to practise what I teach, and my personal goals are financial freedom, security, the ability to travel, and to be able to treat friends and family whilst doing work that I really love that matches my values.  I have made around 400% return on my crypto investments (whilst also diversifying into 10 other assets/streams of income).  My investments underpin what’s important to me in my life:  health and wellbeing, fun, trust and love.  I make decisions intuitively, and am so thrilled to discover, after 50 years, a real sense of purpose and passion.  My next goal is to purchase a house in the countryside, and my ultimate aim is to have my own charity that provides teaching around life transformation.   In the future I intend to make full use of Dacxi’s crowdfunding opportunities, which again fit into my mantra of helping people.

I have learnt a lot along my journey, so I have a few bits of advice for someone looking to get into crypto.  I believe that education is power, so do some research, and get some help - talk to someone knowledgeable who is already involved.  Dacxi puts out great resources, and offers a human guide for free.   Ask yourself the following question: Would I like to be involved?  It can be a lonely road when you’re trying to change track, so surround yourself with supportive people.  The world is full of negative people who will try and pull you off course.  We all have fears and doubts, the best thing you can do is take action, you can be anything you want to be!