Learning about crypto as a baby boomer!

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Susan Kathleen

Jan 17, 2021


I was born in Zimbabwe, or as it was called then, Rhodesia. We lived through the Bush War, and saw many friends and family die, and got locked up under curfew just as we now are under COVID restrictions!  My parents had gone to Zimbabwe to work in agriculture, and my great grandparents had been sent as part of Queen Victoria’s efforts to send good families to assist in colonial efforts.  My mother was a nurse, and my father a quantity surveyor and then a pilot – in fact, he was the first commercial pilot in Malawi and was the personal pilot for the president!  I had an amazing outdoor childhood with lots of freedom, my first language being the native Shona as all my friends were African.

As a young child growing up in a fertile agricultural area, I was led to believe that economically there was plenty of abundance for everyone, and that rewards were there if you worked hard.  The value of saving was also instilled in me, at five years of age I had a post office savings book, and I was selling my art to my Grandmother!  I also spent a lot of time teaching other kids on the farm, starting a life-long love of educating others.

At school, I loved primary years, not so much the boarding school which was rife with bullying. I was also ill with a tropical disease at 12 which took me off school for most of a year.  Whilst I was fairly bright, I had fallen behind on maths with undiagnosed dyspraxia, but discovered I was good with a calculator – helpful for my future investment activities!



My first few jobs were varied!  I worked for an international ad agency, as a PR officer, and for a textile designer – I got to visit Madagascar, Reunion, and the Seychelles and some of the designs I created are still in use today! After a divorce, I ended up launching Avis car hire in Malawi, and was responsible for 12 stations.  It was a trying time for me personally – I found that my now ex-husband had emptied our joint accounts.  I didn’t believe in feeling sorry for myself, and as a single parent to two girls I took work as a freelance artist, and within 6 months had cleared my debt, and purchased a bright blue Hillman Imp!

I have worked as a teacher at various times, specializing in dyslexia and art therapy.  I believe that a different approach often pays dividends, and the most important education is not always in the classroom!  I enjoy coaching, and later in life qualified as a transformational life coach.

I met my second husband and moved back to Zimbabwe to run our 800-hectare farm.  It was a very successful model farm - growing the lucrative crops of tea, coffee and tobacco, with some beef cattle - which attracted attention from over the world!  We had up to 1200 workers, most of which we housed on the estate, where we also built them a football pitch, community hall, and netball pitch.  Unfortunately, it was sufficiently successful to be on Mugabe’s list for acquisition, and when we saw a few friends being murdered by his army, we fled the farm in a battered old truck with nothing except a small amount of US dollars. We had gone from being wealthy by international standards to having almost nothing overnight and fled to South Africa as refugees. It also left me with a huge distrust of banks; the bank with who we had always had great credit with where no help at all! We had to start from scratch, and I felt my artistic capabilities were best suited to renovating property.  I have always been proud of my ability to: step up despite adversity, diversify when you need to, not be afraid of making money and always have cash reserves.

In 2004 we decided to live in the UK; again, a variety of jobs followed!  First, running a haunted pub in the midlands, then as an estate manager in Newbury. I trained as a specialist dementia carer and found work as an activity coordinator, and also worked in an upmarket residential retirement home in Eastbourne. I also worked for the Saudi royal family, assisting in their children’s education, working between Cannes, Paris and Monaco. Unfortunately, my husband suddenly fell ill, and then passed away in 2015, after 30 years of marriage.  Devastatingly, again, our joint account was drained, and to this day I tell everyone to always have a separate bank account from their partner!  

More bad luck was to follow, as I fell victim to an online scam, which had also caught out thousands of others.  I felt foolish, embarrassed and to be honest it affected my self-esteem.  Thus, when I was introduced to Dacxi, by a long-term friend, I did ample due diligence, including meeting the key management.  My journey with Dacxi has been a pleasure.  When I first joined in 2019 by investing a modest amount– this has risen by nearly 1300% percent. I now see crypto as my retirement plan and am involved in crypto full time; even better I have paid off all my debts.



I cannot see me ever retiring, although I do, technically, qualify for my UK pension shortly!  I do, however, have some key goals for the coming years, including looking after my special needs sister, and I’d like to write another best-selling book.  My love of property remains, and I’d love to purchase an apartment overlooking the Ocean in Australia where one of my daughters lives, a villa in Bali to hold seminars to support my interests, and a historic property in France.

In conclusion, crypto is the obvious path for all banking and finance; it concludes a journey started in the 1900s by banks to create financial infrastructure.  The technology that was a dream 5 years ago, is now starting to become a reality - in the old days we bartered with pieces of gold, now we use near-instant blockchain!  Anyone who hasn’t looked at crypto needs to, or you will be a dinosaur left behind; keep an open mind and do some research with respected financial commentators like Robert Kiyosaki and Raoul Pal. If I can learn about crypto as a baby boomer, so can you!  Opportunities don’t happen, you create them - the world is your oyster.