A Brave New World

Edward Ludbrook

May 4, 2021


2021 has heralded a brave new world for us at Dacxi, and we hope the same for you. Putting Covid-19 aside, the boom in the crypto industry has created a new atmosphere of opportunity that’s inspiring everyone involved. 

With such dramatic wealth creation has come the realisation for many that this new world is in fact very different from what they know. Even the financially sophisticated get puzzled by the explosion in valuation and some crazy crypto concepts. $50billion valuation of Dogecoin, a crypto that proudly states it is nothing more than a dog image! 

Through all of this, at Dacxi, we continue to maintain our reputation as a rational supportive company and reinforce our unique position as the 'crypto-wealth' experts. Most companies expect you to treat crypto like a night at the casino, but we want you along for the long term. 

After an explosive start to the year (1700% year-over-year growth), we are now focused on our next stage of growth. Our Dacxi Coin has started its listing process and we are focused on building our real business, Dacxi Wealth. All whilst also preparing for our innovation revolution. 

I’m in the process of touring Australia with the new leadership team, speaking to very big crowds of Dacxi event attendees. I suspect the Gold Coast crowd was the biggest crowd in Crypto to gather in the world in 2021! (Frankly, due to COVID-19 it was probably the only crypto crowd in 2021!)

My number one message today, based on the avalanche of questions fielded recently, is for you to watch the Listing Process video we’ve added to our YouTube channel.

Listing in crypto requires a process starting with a tiny Tier 3 exchange. Crex24 is small, so it can be difficult to open accounts and transfer money. It’s also expected that some people who may not understand the crypto market, may sell coins and cause a volatility in prices with tiny volume. 

We encourage people to consider adding their coins to the Dacxi Vault - an opportunity to receive bonus coins through storage. The amount of coins vaulted already is 120% about what we budgeted, so act now or you will miss out. 

Today is the time to embrace crypto. It is now proven to be the hot new asset class. Wealth building utopia. Just be smart in how you do it and remember it’s still a new market.