Should you buy a DAC Pack? Here are 5 reasons.



Jul 3, 2019


The DAC Coin is the community coin of the global Dacxi Economy.

The DAC Pack is a Dacxi product where customers can buy DAC Coins and receive up to 70% more coins as a bonus. Customers buy the DAC Pack because of the significant growth potential of the DAC Coin over the blue chip coin Bundle product.


Why Purchase the DAC Coin?

The DAC Coin has massive potential for price growth because :

Global Demand. The potential of the niche Dacxi global economy, taking its Crowd Finance ecosystem to every country of the world.

Coin Utility. It will be used in four areas — crowd services, exchange benefits, global affiliate bonuses and accessing alternative opportunities.

Crowd Promotion. A global Dacxi crowd using the coin will promote the brand and its attractiveness. This is a marketing concept that few utility coins possess.

1. The Dacxi/DAC Coin Global Economy

The global Dacxi economy has the potential to be a billion dollar niche sector. In each country, Dacxi and its partners will seek to lead the crowd finance sector, the next step in the hottest sector of the finance world. Crowd-funding and crowd-lending in digital assets combined into crowd finance are projected to become a multi-billion sector and Dacxi is the first-mover in this sphere.

Dacxi intends to become the internal platform focused on supporting the crowd, partnering with product suppliers and crowd service companies, thus building an ecosystem allowing this new sector to flourish. In some countries, the potential scale of this economy could be in the tens of billions. Add to this a global network of 100 countries and you can appreciate the size of the economy. The DAC Coin is the currency of this economy.

The key elements of the Dacxi Ecosystem in each country are:

A. The Dacxi Order Platform : This is where you can purchase the Bundle or DAC Pack products. Simple, secure, and user friendly. Visit here.

B. Dacxi Exchange Platform :This is where your wallet containing your coins is held on a secure, easy-to-use platform. From here, you can also access the exchange, which is a pioneer of a new form of public-friendly community exchange. Check out our platform here.

C. Dacxi Community : The Dacxi Community is designed to support the empowerment and protection of retail investors with information, education and inspiration in the manner people want. It encompasses live support through webinars, meetings and one-to-one affiliate support; with digital support, through the Learn platform, video channel, emails, and social media. Check out Dacxi Learn here.

D. The DAC Coin : The community building crypto coin that links the whole Dacxi ecosystem and drives its growth. Crypto builds the crowd and crowd finance adds lots of products and demand for the DAC Coin.

2. Dacxi has a Unique Strategy That Will Drive its Brand

The financial world is controlled by major institutions and elites who exclude the public in order to maximise their profits. They have early access to high growth areas that are later marketed more broadly and at a higher price.

This effectively excludes the public from participating in high growth sectors in the early stages. So, the rich get richer. The crowd finance world encompassing crypto-assets, crowd-funding and crowd-lending, has the potential to create massive wealth at a speed never seen before and retail customers (also known as ‘the public’) will miss out unless someone helps them win.

Digital assets, blockchain and cryptocurrency are still very new areas, but anyone can get involved — you simply need the right exchange; along with the information, education and inspiration that will protect and empower you. Dacxi is delivering that. Dacxi is the champion of the crypto-crowd.

At Dacxi, our global strategy is to :

Build the Crowd

Help as many people as possible get involved in the next crypto boom. Help them make their first purchase and help them build their confidence to keep buying, learn the basics, maximise their profits and manage risk.

Lead the Crowd Finance Revolution

After building a powerful crowd, Dacxi will then launch a new crowd finance platform offering tokenised [crypto] crowd funding and crowd lending opportunities. The crowd funding should drive the growth of innovative companies, thereby creating new employment, economic, and wealth development in the country. The potential wealth creating opportunities for our customers, and therefore our affiliates are limitless.

3. The DAC Coin Will Have Huge Numbers of People Driving Value

Unlike other crypto-assets, Dacxi’s focus is supporting the retail customers in our crowd. To build this crowd we have a uniquely powerful affiliate force driving the growth of the business. These two groups of customers and affiliates combined means the DAC Coin has a natural marketing force pushing its brand towards new potential customers.

4. The DAC Coin Will List in Order to go Liquid

All assets must be driven by natural demand and as Dacxi is in the early stages of growing its global economy, the DAC Coin priced is publicly stated but internally controlled. The coin is projected to be launched on external exchanges when demand is powerful enough. This is projected for 2020 when the first Dacxi markets and the Dacxi ecosystem are strong so that a rapid global expansion will occur. The cessation of marketing the DAC Packs before that time is creating urgent DAC Pack buying.

5. The DAC Price is Rising by 50% in July 2019.

On Sunday 28 July 2019, we will increase the price of the DAC Coin on the Dacxi Exchange, for all programmes, from USD0.06c to USD0.09c.

The reasons for this are :

The value of the Coin Increases With the Perceived Potential of the Dacxi Economy

Recently, we launched a ‘1000 Free DAC’ campaign which was extraordinarily successful. With over a 50% introduction success rate, 200% increase in affiliate activity and a real buzz in the business, this campaign over-delivered and gives Dacxi a unique competitive advantage. Our recent events also confirmed that Dacxi has the core leaders to become a force in Australia and lead the crowd finance revolution.

The Potential of Crowd Finance is Becoming Increasingly Aware to People who Can See it is Three Times Bigger Than Digital Assets (crypto)

This means the Dacxi economy can be at least three times bigger. This has not been reflected in the DAC Coin price to date.

The Crypto Market has Started to Grow Aggressively. It is as Volatile as we Expected, and the Market is up Over 100% in the Past Four Weeks.

We believe that the DAC Coin should out-perform this market growth. We trust you can see we are raising the price for solid business reasons and are in fact, probably under-valuing the coin’s potential. This step is a further indication that Dacxi is perfectly positioned to ride the coming crypto boom with the DAC Coin having major upside growth.

We are very excited about this milestone in our journey through 2019, and grateful to have you along with us!