The facts prove the Dacxi Blue Chip Bundle

Edward Ludbrook

Feb 2, 2021


It’s easy to look at an investment and get lost in the hype of a great story. But at Dacxi, we prefer to focus on the numbers. That’s why we have analyzed the facts and clear data about our flagship product, the Dacxi Blue Chip Bundle. These facts have unequivocally made me realize that this is a unique opportunity for every crypto wealth builder that wants to take control of their future.


The crypto market is always flush with the latest story about a coin or the market in general. Endless opinions. Endless stories. The endless mental energy that it takes to track it all. All focused to get you to trade more. To look at something new. To change your opinions. It’s hard not to get distracted or overwhelmed.


However, in order to succeed the wealth-building process requires you to move forward…to concentrate on what is real, and not allow yourself to be sidetracked. In order to do this, you have to cut out the fluff, the distractions, and the noise. Why? Because the 'fluff' is the enemy of wealth building it undermines the wealth-building process at each step of the way. Smart investors get the facts, then take action on a long term view to build real assets that deliver true wealth for life. 


We created the Blue Chip Bundle in Sep 2017 because we knew that wealth builders need the smartest long term strategy to be followed over time. Our criteria was to come up with an offering wherein a perfect world the only decision our customers needed to decide is 'How much to spend?' and then let the market would prove them right.


Below are two graphs (for Australia and the UK)  proving that the Blue Chip Bundle has out-performed every other major asset class and Bitcoin over the last 13 months. These numbers come from our in-house performance tracking system called "The Engine". We backtest all of the strategies that are used in our Blue Chip Bundle. We could also have taken it from 6 months ago, 18months, or 30 months ago. The story is the same and that is that the results are optimal and amazing!



Dacxi’s Blue Chip Bundle is the smart crypto-strategy. Intensively researched and field-tested by myself and co-founders, you can be sure that its mix of premium coins will give you the best chance of success in today’s highly volatile market. Simply put the Blue Chip Bundle is a strong and balanced investment opportunity for the serious investor and is highly suitable for long-term wealth builders.


We see many people buying single coins these days. Buying Bitcoin or Ethereum rather than a Blue Chip Bundle. Regardless of what’s written here, or anywhere on the web in relation to buying single coins as opposed to a diversified Bundle – history has shown that your chances of out-performing the Blue Chip Bundle is practically zero.


We have proven that buying a mix of top-tier coins is always the safe bet and generally provides returns that are better than waiting for an emerging coin to go through its full cycle which is unpredictable. In classic portfolio investing, we have seen Bitcoin outperform assets over the last year then Ethereum raced ahead followed by Litecoin racing ahead. And don’t worry about Dacxi Coin, the fact it currently underperforms its blue-chip bedfellows is fantastic news. The Dacxi Coin is set to completely revolutionize the crowdfunding space globally. Its potential for transformational wealth is set to continue as this innovative concept attracts ever more support and attention.


Take the emotion out of buying crypto and building wealth. Study the graph above, and if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’d love to help you get on the right path to crypto wealth with our proven Blue Chip Bundle.