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Sep 21, 2021


Ethereum Co-Founder Enters the List of Time’s 100 Most Influential People 

Cuba Recognises Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Sidechain-Based STO Approved in Germany

El Salvador Comes Third in Bitcoin ATM Installations

California is the most Crypto Ready US State. 


Welcome to another exciting edition to Dacxi crypto industry updates. Vitalik Buterin’s entry into the list of the world’s 100 most influential people stands testimony to Ethereum’s importance in the world of a decentralized finance economy. Along similar lines, the Cuban Central Bank has recognized the importance of the crypto industry, while El Salvador has installed more than 200 ATMs in a month, and California has emerged as the most crypto ready state in the country. 


Ethereum Co-Founder Enters the List of Time’s 100 Most Influential People 

A list that includes the world’s 100 most influential people for a year has Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s co-founder. The list comprises world leaders, activists, musicians, and many more uniquely successful personalities. 

Buterin appears in the list of innovators for 2021. The others to get listed in this panel include the likes of Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who is also a proponent of Dogecoin. 

The profile of Buterin has been written by Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian. Justifying Buterin’s inclusion in the list, Ohanian cited Ethereum’s more than $400 billion market capitalization and its contributions in the development of dApps and NFTs. According to Ohanian, it is from Buternin’s idea from where everything started, and a new world opened up. 


Cuba Recognises Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

With the issuance of resolution 215 of 2021, Banco Central de Cuba, Cuba’s central bank, has recognized cryptocurrencies like BTC. What this means is that Cubans can now Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for commercial transactions and investments. It also contains licensing provisions for VASPs or virtual asset service providers in Cuba. 

The recognition of Cryptocurrencies by the Cuban central bank will result in easier remittance flows from overseas. It will be a strong counter to the US embargo and money transfer services like Western Union pressurized to leave the country. Experts believe the resolution would serve as a significant step towards augmenting the country’s crypto industry at a time when its overall economy is struggling.


Bitcoin Sidechain-Based STO Approved in Germany

The EXOeu token by game publisher Exordium has won approval from Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). This approval will allow local retail investors to participate in the sale on Stokr, a well-known European digital marketplace.

The token EXOeu will be issued via Blockstream Amp, which is a platform that tokenizes securities built on the liquid sidechain of Bitcoin. German investors can now use Stokr to invest in EXOeu. The minimum investment limit should be $100. Before EXOeu, BaFin had also approved a parking network’s STO. 

EXOeu was launched in 2021 to raise funds for Samson Mow’s sci-fi MMO game Infinite Fleet. It is available for investors in many European countries, apart from Germany. The list of these countries includes France, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, and more. The offering has raised more than $7 million to date.


El Salvador Comes Third in Bitcoin ATM Installations

El Salvador now has  205 crypto ATMs to facilitate local Bitcoin transactions and help convert from Bitcoin (BTC) to U.S. dollars. The country has installed 201 ATMs in just a single month. The only two countries to have more crypto ATMs than El Salvador are the US and Canada. 

The El Salvadoran government has struck a partnership with an in-house cryptocurrency wallet provider named Chivo. The duties of Chivo would be to power the BTC wallets and ATM usage in the country.

Bitcoin ATM installations are gaining momentum across the world. 63.7 ATMs on average get installed globally every day. Genesis Coin, General Bytes and BitAccess are some of the leading Bitcoin ATM manufacturers.


California is the Most Crypto-Ready US State

The state of California has the maximum proliferation of cryptocurrency ATMs and surging interest in digital assets. There were several parameters that decided the ranking for the most crypto-ready US state, including the volume of crypto-related Google searches, the presence of cryptocurrency ATMs, the number of blockchain-related bills passed in the state, etc. California scored 5.72 out of 10, California followed by New Jersey (5.44), Texas (5.28), Florida (5.03) and New York (4.29).