Top 5 reasons for women to invest in crypto

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Susan Kathleen

Feb 16, 2021


Who says women can’t invest in cryptocurrency? It’s a total mindset that has been drummed into us gal’s that working the Blockchain is a boy’s game.

            Not so! Women CAN Crypto, and not only can they crypto, but they can also do it very well once they have shed the stigma that it is complicated, full of weird jargon such as, ‘Don’t listen to the FUD, just HODL your BTC and shoot to the moon.’

            Confused? I certainly was when I first dipped my big toe into the unknown murky waters of the Crypto world, July 2019. I am now aware that the early days of crypto-speak used in humorous inside slang between cryptocurrency enthusiasts has now become an everyday part of the dialogue used by everyone invested in the rewarding world of cryptocurrencies.

            Sitting in an online educational webinar with the Crypto Wealth platform, Dacxi, is no longer daunting and I do not require an expert to translate ‘FUD’, ‘HODL’ or ‘BTC’ to ease into a conversation, knowing that ‘FUD’ means fear, uncertainty, and doubt. ‘HODL’ means hold on for dear life. ‘BTC’ means Bitcoin.

            As a woman and a Life Coach, I champion female entrepreneurs. My background in formal education brought me to wanting to understand this ‘new digital currency thing’ that appeared to be replacing the way people were trading.

I wanted to find an easy way to learn about how it worked in order that I could share my knowledge with like-minded women who were approaching their retirement, just as I was. I knew that investing was one of the few viable ways to build up wealth and that women needed to learn to engage in cryptocurrency trading and move into where the world of finance was clearly shifting.

Ever since the dawn of blockchain, women have been underrepresented in the world of cryptocurrency. In fact, women are prone to underestimate their knowledge and ability to invest beneficially. In light, recent surveys carried out prove that they outperform men when it comes to sowing the seeds on returns of their investments.

Unfortunately, women continue to underestimate their capability in investing and spend their time overthinking what is needed to be financially involved. Traditionally women’s confidence in finance goes back historically where society has brow-beaten them into believing that they cannot begin to think of investing without a financial guru or broker.

In short, getting into any kind of investment such as stocks, shares and bonds is oftentimes complicated, time-consuming, and bothersome. Numerous investment opportunities like real-estate have massive entry thresholds with significant sums at your disposal before you can even consider getting started.

1.    Whereas dealing in cryptocurrency is a rewarding alternative stable investment for women who are looking to hedge against traditional markets, and with Dacxi, the company I’m with, you can get in on the entry-level of only a hundred bucks, gain confidence through their excellent crypto educational platform and great support from fellow investors.

2.    Blockchain and tech have literally knocked down the hallowed halls of investing by making tools and resources easily accessible, enabling women in the crypto world to often outperform their male counterparts.

Simply explained cryptocurrencies are basically digital assets secured by cryptography and then registered on a ‘public blockchain.’ This means that a blockchain is a distributed ledger, recording transactions publicly and very securely and because it is distributed, it is not managed by a centralised place like a bank.

3.    Simply put, blockchain technology eradicates the middleman, making it easy for transactions to directly take place between two people. For many women in certain countries, it makes it easier for them to manage their own portfolios without having to ask permission from a man to invest. The blockchain does not care if you are male or female, there is no discrimination.

4.    Your cryptocurrency is yours alone and remains yours forever, - offering you total freedom and a level of independence that is impossible through traditional financial institutions. Keeping your money in a bank puts you at the mercy of people and organisations. Without warning your access to your hard-earned savings can be limited or closed by the bank, outside of government structure. In a worst-case scenario, the bank can be robbed or go bankrupt, leaving you high and dry, often with no recourse.

5.    The reliance on a financial institution is totally eradicated, where your dependence on them holding or making transfers with high commission fees for their services is inevitable.  No more middleman, no more bank where you must pay to keep your money there and pay to withdraw it. Using blockchain technology in cryptocurrencies means you are at the helm and navigate things your way.

Here’s your reality-check Ladies.

For women to take a second role in financial planning and investing can create profoundly serious future implications in their later years. Worldwide women are outliving men and half of all marriages end in divorce where eight out of ten women are likely left on their own, responsible solely for their financial welfare at some stage in their lives.

Don’t allow the thought of investing in cryptocurrencies daunt you and there is no doubt that you have heard horror stories of people losing their life savings to rogue investment institutions and trading platforms. Granted, all investment carries a modicum of risk, not all cryptocurrency platforms are taboo. Doing your due diligence and research of a company before you sign up with them is highly advisable.

Finding a reputable, licensed company with transparent and contactable CEO’s, Administration and Management is imperative.

Hence my love affair with the world of crypto that began with the fintech company Dacxi who is pioneering crowd finance with a passion for changing the lives of the ordinary man and woman on the street with new wealth opportunities, including a global network of local and licensed crowd finance ecosystems.

Takeaway: Money sitting in your savings account, piggy bank or even ferreted under your mattress is constantly depreciating in value each year because of inflation, where in truth you are losing money when you are not actively investing wisely.

As a Baby Boomer, I apparently am part of more than a fifth of the population who holds Bitcoin as part of my cryptocurrency investment portfolio. The reason being that I have watched the world economies in the past years and realise the COVID-19 pandemic is a contributor to an economic depression, record low-interest rates, massive inflation that will hound the quantitative easing programs. All of which threatens to eat into any savings I have.

Cryptocurrency is my game-changer, pension and time and money freedom rolled into one, and I am in control and answer only to myself.