Financial markets in multiple asset classes are unstable - equities are in a bear market, cryptocurrencies are volatile, and accelerating inflation is devaluing cash deposits. In times like these gold, silver and platinum can be a simple, safe and effective way to diversify your portfolio and take a more conservative position.

With Dacxi you can buy and hold precious metals quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

Buy gold, silver and platinum now on the Dacxi Wealth Platform

A better way to buy gold, silver and platinum.

Until now investing in precious metals has been challenging. The traditional way to buy investment quality precious metal is the one kilo bar - which is too costly for many people. Also being heavy, bulky and valuable, precious metal is expensive to store and transport, and insecure if kept at home.

Dacxi tokenization eliminates those obstacles and puts precious metals within the reach of everyday investors.

Every Dacxi Precious metal token is priced at the current market rate and fully backed by the equivalent amount of the underlying physical metal - which is stored and insured by one of the world's leading bullion houses. You can sell your tokens at any time (and receive the current rate), or even redeem them for the physical metal. Investing in precious metals has never been this safe and simple.

What is tokenization?

Tokenization is the process of creating digital versions of physical assets, and permanently and immutably recording ownership on a blockchain.

Benefits of Dacxi precious metals tokens:


You can trade quality precious metals in any quantity, making investing more viable for more people.


The intuitive interface on the Dacxi Wealth Platform makes transactions easy - anywhere, anytime. And you can see the total value of your portfolio at a glance based on current market rates.

Frictionless buying and selling

Tokenization makes buying and selling precious metals as quick, easy and cost-effective as other exchange traded assets.


The Dacxi Wealth Platform complies with international best practice in safety and security for online transactions and includes mandatory Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Visit our Safety and Security page for more details. Dacxi also meets all relevant KYC and AML regulations.

Ease of ownership

No more worrying about registering ownership, transport, insurance or storage. Everything is managed by the Dacxi Wealth Platform and our bullion provider.

How to buy Dacxi precious metal tokens.

On the Dacxi Wealth Platform you can buy gold, silver and platinum as individual tokens, or together as a bundle.

You can get started in three simple steps

  • Create a client account at the Dacxi Wealth Platform

  • Verify your account according to KYC and AML regulations

  • Start buying tokenized precious metals with Dacxi

Sign up or Sign in to the Dacxi Wealth Platform.

A brief history of precious metals.

Dacxi Gold Token (DXGT)

Gold has traditionally been seen as a store of value in uncertain times and a way to hedge against rising inflation. Since first being used as money thousands of years ago, gold has remained important to the economy. Today as well as a store of wealth, gold is widely used in electronics and jewellery - demand being led by India and China which consume around 270 tonnes of gold every year.

This graph from charts the change in value of gold over the past 10 years.


Dacxi Silver Token (DXST)

Silver's history as currency goes back thousands of years. In fact the British 'Pound' refers to a pound of silver. Silver coins first appeared around 600BC in Turkey, and their popularity grew during the Athenian Empire, and became the 'International standard' throughout the Mediterranean. Now industry is the largest source of demand for silver, where uses include water purification, photography, vehicles, and solar panels.


Dacxi Platinum Token (DXPT)

Platinum is a more recent arrival on the precious metal scene, being first identified in 1557. Industrial demand tends to drive the price of platinum as it is consumed extensively in manufacturing, particularly in electronics and the automotive industry. Platinum is also used widely in jewellery.


Dacxi Precious Metals Bundle

A Dacxi Precious Metals Bundle makes it easy to start a precious metal portfolio, with a pre–selected proportion of gold, silver, and platinum, plus Dacxi Coin.

Find out more about the Dacxi Precious Metals Bundle.

Tokenized precious metals Ebook

If you want to learn more about precious metals and how the tokenization process works you can download our free Ebook called 'A better way to buy precious metals.'

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