Crypto Assets: A short-term campaign based on a long-term view



Jul 3, 2018


With crypto’s constantly evolving ecosystem, it can be challenging to keep a long-term time horizon in mind. With the news cycle moving so quickly, the notoriously volatile crypto market is prone to sudden price movements, whether bullish or bearish. In these exciting but extreme conditions, it is all too easy to lose sight of the big picture.

At Dacxi we approach crypto assets with an savvy mindset. That means long-term thinking. We believe that the world is in the early stages of a multi-generational technological and economic revolution. We are participating in the birth of a brand-new asset class that is fast gaining legitimacy. The creation and legitimisation of new asset classes is extremely rare. When a new asset class succeeds in rising from the metaphorical primordial buy-in ooze, emerging on the world stage as a newly formed force of disruptive innovation, the potential returns to early buyers are unprecedented.

We are confident that crypto has a bright future. So confident that we have decided to back this up by putting some serious skin in the game.

The stock market has been one of the world’s primary economic growth drivers over the last 100 years, but a new growth cycle is coming. Let’s zoom out and think about what’s likely to happen in the decades ahead. At first the trend will be slow. Then it will speed up. Slowly and then suddenly, more people will own crypto assets than own stocks. Stocks only have utility to buyers, but as the crypto space matures, crypto will soon be held by both buyers and users. This trend will accelerate as the developing world starts to embrace crypto. At this point, anyone with a smart phone and some determination is able to purchase crypto assets. The stock market has much higher barriers to entry. We’re convinced that the next technology growth wave is the rapidly approaching blockchain era and the Internet of Value or Web 3.0. On a long enough time frame, who knows where Bitcoin’s upper valuation might be? But a return to a $10,000 Bitcoin?

That’s a done deal, we think. Get involved now, before it’s too late.