How crypto makes me free

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Shaun Edmondson

Apr 29, 2021


Born and raised in the North East of England, I am one of 4 boys, and half of a set of the heaviest twins ever delivered, at the time, at the hospital when I was born in the early sixties!  My Dad was a police inspector, and my mother stayed at home, as you can imagine with her hands full.  We weren’t well hugely off, so I was brought up with a clear impression that you need to work to have nice things, so as a child I was fairly enterprising from a young age, with two paper rounds, a car washing round and lawn mowing.  I started my first business aged 12, in garden gnomes which I cast and sold from the bottom of the garden, along with flowers grown from our large garden.  I was able to profit £70 a week, which at the time was a full-time wage for some adults!  It would be fair to say I was entrepreneurial from a young age. 

I enjoyed primary school, where I was eager to please and motivated so did well.  I have some happy memories, including swapping places with my identical twin brother, which annoyingly the teacher didn’t even notice.  Unfortunately, the school wasn’t in a great catchment area, and some of the surrounding flats have since been flattened as the only way of dealing with some of the local drug problems!  It was a fairly difficult environment to succeed in, I remember getting into fights because I had turned in homework on time or simply worn a school tie in the correct fashion.  I think that kind of environment gives you some inner steel to go on to succeed.  Some of the other kids I encountered would never “think outside the box” or have the motivation to take the education being offered to change their situation, so I am not in any way fussed by crypto nay-sayers despite all the evidence to the contrary!  In secondary school I also did my best to apply myself, and whilst I worked hard the A-level results I achieved didn’t reflect the effort I had put in, as I’d learned the theory but not done enough practice papers.  So, I went to join Barclays on accelerated training figuring it would be a stable career. 

I spent 10 years in corporate life, working between Manchester and London.  It was a great training between inspection, internal audit and risk management, and I was awarded a hard-earned qualification, Associateship of the Chartered Institute of Banking.   Even in the late 70s a lot of technology was entering the financial industry; when I started work, ATMs didn’t even exist and I saw a lot of people made redundant for example as technology and risk profiling was undertaken by computers.  It was fairly obvious there was no such thing as a career for life, and in fact, over my decade there I would estimate two-thirds of the workforce was downscaled and branches closed.  I see crypto as the next wave of evolution, and am conscious of the mantra “adapt or get left behind”.   Whilst I had enjoyed a successful career in banking, there was much that was frustrating especially being unable to effect change quickly and being remote from the people who made strategic decisions.  

I felt it was time for a change and was offered a role assisting a family friend in a boatyard.  I have to confess to being a speed freak and adrenaline junkie; I enjoy motorbikes, cars, boats and even jumping out of planes.   So, whilst some people thought I was mad for leaving a stable job it was the right thing for me - the problem with winning the rat race is that you’re still the rat!  I eventually bought the boat business, on a handshake.  I have been involved in a number of other businesses on a similar basis; including helping to run one of the UK's top waterski wholesalers, tripling the turnover of a property business, creating a valuable land deal and helping to grow a law firm to over 50 staff whilst simultaneously restoring an 1842, 7000 square foot building. I still feel today the most successful businesses are personal and relationship-based, which funnily enough is exactly how I found Dacxi, via a business acquaintance.  For me, your net worth is a reflection of your network, and I have introduced a number of my contacts to crypto, who like me want to be shown crypto not just told about it in theory.  

My business, property and crypto investments enabled me to enjoy life to the full both inside and outside work. The freedom to do the things I enjoy is more important than the money itself. I own a couple of triumph adventure motorcycles and try to tour Europe at least once a year with my wife (Covid allowing).  I have a base and beautiful boat in Abersoch which we use for family holidays and wakeboarding.  I’ve got two amazing grown-up children and am proud of the choices they have made and that I am able to support them.

Crypto I suppose “found me”; I did hear about it in 2009 but was too busy to really devote the time to find out more.  I initially approached Dacxi to take advantage of their free education, which I felt was missing from my knowledge despite my extensive background in finance and business.  I find crypto fascinating, particularly in the pace of corporate adoption for me, it is no different from windows software or the smartphone taking over the world.  The value for me is in the technology over the pure currency aspect, and I do believe this technology will change the world.  It is interesting to see the various global companies – visa, PayPal, banks - climb over each other to adopt crypto which of course becomes self-perpetuating.  What’s fascinating to me is how fast the change is happening.  

In closing, my thoughts around crypto for the initiated! If you are looking at buying crypto, don’t impulse buy. Make sure you purchase this exciting but volatile asset class as part of a balanced investment portfolio. Take the time to understand the “use case” of a coin and its purpose as the industry and the technology is developing at an unprecedented pace, and new uses for blockchain are developing all the time.  Follow reputable sources, such as Dacxi, rather than the self-professed armchair professionals on Google.  Remember, you can spread your investment with new coin opportunities but also with well-established larger coins – I understand Dacxi has news in this regard coming soon.  But, most importantly: enjoy the ride and the wealth it creates!