Purchase in the next crypto boom with the Dacxi Bundle



Oct 11, 2018


In 2017 the crypto market exploded, growing from a market cap of $19 billion in Jan 2017 to an incredible $800 billion in Jan 2018. Early crypto customers generated immense returns from one of the biggest bull runs in the history of financial markets. And yet only an estimated 1% of the planet owned crypto assets in 2017.

This first crypto boom was driven by pioneers, professional traders and techies. After the expected correction and consolidation period in 2018, the next global crypto boom will be driven by a wave of new retail customer and institutions. It will be an order of magnitude bigger than the 2017 boom that shocked the world as crypto and blockchain goes mainstream. It might be the most compelling wealth generation opportunity in a generation.

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Why to buy crypto?
In the years ahead, Blockchain technology and crypto assets are set to change the world as we transition from the Internet of Information to the Internet of Value. This will disrupt and transform industries from business, banking and finance to social media, agriculture. AR, VR, the Internet of Things and more. Blockchain now is comparable to the Internet in the mid 1990s. As the technology matures and the infrastructure rolls out, the world will change in unexpected ways. Imagine being able to purchase in Apple or Amazon in 1997?

In our view that’s the scale of the opportunity that crypto assets represent. Many technology and financial thought leaders are now recommending that savvy customer allocate a portion of their portfolio (1% to 5%) to Bitcoin and crypto assets. Why? Because they offer a powerful combination — the ability to generate significant long-term returns and strong diversification benefits given their low correlation to traditional assets. As global property and share market growth stalls, it’s smart to diversify your portfolio. For customers who are new to crypto, the easiest way to achieve this is a Dacxi Bundle.

The Dacxi Bundle
The Dacxi Bundle is a portfolio of the top three, most trusted crypto assets that are leaders in their categories, and Dacxi’s DAC Coin. It’s the smartest way to buy crypto, perfect for new customer. It’s designed for low risk and high returns.

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Here’s what’s inside:

Bitcoin: The leading cryptocurrency. Bitcoin makes up 50% of the total crypto market cap and is seen as ‘digital gold.’

Ethereum: The second biggest crypto asset and the #1 blockchain platform for crypto apps.

Litecoin: The leading alternative cryptocurrency to Bitcoin and one of the most liquid crypto-assets.

DAC: The leading Community Exchange coin and issued by Dacxi.

Fun Fact:
While past performance is not indicative of future returns, even during 2018’s bear market, if you’d bought a $1000 Dacxi Bundle on Jan 1 2016 your bundle would be worth approximately $55,209 today. Buy a bundle, make a bundle?

Ready To Buy Crypto?
If you’re new to crypto and want to get involved, the bundle is for you. With a minimum purchase of $100 you can purchase as much or as little as you like. Plus — buy a Bundle before December 31st and you’ll get a launch bonus of 50% more DAC Coins!

To get started, head on over to dacxi.com/bundle