Crypto: The most compelling investment opportunity in a generation.



Sep 5, 2018


The 2018 crypto bear market has been severe. While it might not seem like it today, we believe the next crypto boom cycle has already begun. And there is no reason why the next growth wave won’t eventually be an order of magnitude larger than the crypto boom that surprised the world in late 2017.

Our view is that purchasing crypto assets now gives the retail buyer an opportunity to generate unprecedented returns by participating in the early stages of a technological and economic revolution. One of the advantages of being able to purchase crypto assets in 2018 is that because the market is so new, one can sensibly adopt a low time preference strategy and simply apply patience. The market itself will do the heavy lifting.

Should you be the type of person prepared to take on the risk that is buying in early stage disruptive technology, then the current volatility of the market should be welcomed. Even a small allocation of one’s potential portfolio towards a basket of carefully selected crypto assets provides strong diversification qualities, a hedge against unexpected geopolitical events and exposure to significant upside in the next crypto bull market.

Savvy people should ask themselves whether there is even a small chance that Bitcoin and selected crypto assets will one day achieve significant market share in the industry their use case represents. If the answer is yes, then the opportunity for asymmetric returns should be obvious. The blockchain rabbit is out of the hat, and now that a global, decentralised, digital form of money exists, the genie is out of the bottle and one way or another, it looks like a virus that will spread.

It’s early days, as they say. But for a multitude of converging factors, we believe that the next crypto bull market may arrive sooner than even last year’s crypto bulls might think.

That’s why we’ve created a bundle product designed to be the simplest and smartest entry into the crypto growth market today. You are buying the three biggest ‘Blue Chip’ cryptos in the same ratios that the world’s largest financial institutions have stated they are buying or offering to clients. You also get a small amount of Dacxi’s own hyper-growth DAC Coin with a possible bonus of 50% more DAC!

Is crypto the most compelling investment opportunity in a generation?