Crypto: A new season brings new beginnings

Edward Ludbrook

Apr 6, 2021


Easter is always a rejuvenating and exciting time for new beginnings. This is especially true in Dacxi as the crypto market takes a new evolutionary step forward. 

A look back on crypto trends.

To understand what's happening, I want you to take a look through the charts below showing the Global Cryptocurrency Market, the combined value of all coins since 2014. Total Market Capitalization

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Above, you will see the last boom in 2017 and how it has taken us until the end of December to break the previous ATH [All-Time-High]. This was the key event in this industry for three years as it showed that the crypto industry had a strong future. 

With this new confidence, a tidal wave of new investors and financial institutions have announced their entrance into crypto, driving the market up dramatically [200%] in the first quarter of 2021.

An important point to note is that in the last month, the market has tried to correct itself a few times. Despite this, every time it bounces back even stronger than before! 

Buying is up, risk is down.

This means there is very strong buying support for crypto, making the risk of crypto collapsing [ie. dropping by 50%] very unlikely. This means the risk of buying crypto today, is probably the least risky it has ever been. 

Crypto has entered a new era in its development, what is known as critical mass. It’s the point when the market has proven itself, so the 'majority' are now entering and providing the buying support to drive it higher. 

Confidence is key.

Now is the time for you and everyone you know to build wealth through crypto. Six months ago they may not have had the confidence to buy Dacxi Coins or to buy crypto at all..., but they do now! And for them, 50% gain over two years is fantastic compared to returns we’ve seen from traditional bank deposits. 

Dacxi is a proven platform that we have worked very hard to become trustworthy in your eyes. We are thankful for your support and look forward to helping you build your prosperity through this exciting area known as 'Crypto-Wealth'.