What is a Bitcoin Boomer?

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Susan Kathleen

Mar 31, 2021


By now, almost all of us know the term ‘Baby-Boomer.’ But if you’re younger than 57 years old (ie. not a Baby-Boomer yourself) you might not know exactly what it is that makes us Boomers so different.                                  

Well, seeing as Dacxi is an educational platform as well as a crypto exchange, I’ll be more than happy to let you in on what makes a Boomer a Boomer – and why we’re all so interested in investing in crypto.

The Baby-Boomer generation includes anyone born between 1946 and 1964. 

That means in 2021, the youngest baby boomer will be 57 years old, and the oldest will be turning 75 years old. In all those years, we Boomers have seen a lot. 

As youngsters, we witnessed the antagonism that developed after WW2 when the U.S.A. and Russia wrangled for the title of World Superpower and sparked the Space Race of the 1950s. We saw Neil Armstrong become the first man to land on the moon, proudly staking the American flag amongst the moon rocks. When we were entering the workforce, governments were investing in new technology like never before, which helped Boomers excel in this field for generations to come. Just look at Steve Jobs and Bill Gates – two of the tech world’s most famous names, both Baby-Boomers.                                    

During our hippie days, thousands of Boomers ‘made love not war,’ stripping bare and smoking pot at Woodstock whilst listening to Joe Cocker and Janis Joplin. We experienced Beatlemania, the American civil rights movement, the Vietnam War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the erection and collapse of the Berlin Wall, just to name a few historic milestones. We’re the ‘Age of Aquarius.’ We’re the world’s wealthiest generation to date. And, in perhaps our greatest achievement yet, we’re the proud parents of late Gen-Xers and Millennials.    


Enter Bitcoin Boomers; the Baby-Boomer’s next evolution. 

As they enter retirement, Boomers are seeking alternative (and borderless) ways of generating cash flow. As a result, we’re rapidly becoming far more involved with crypto than many ever expected – often to the dismay of the younger generations.

Boomers and Gen-Xers are huge supporters of cryptocurrency, with 7 out of 10 already investing, or expecting to do so in the near future. And why is that? Well, a massive playing point for Boomer interest in Bitcoin is the historic levels of blatant money-printing, as central banks around the world attempt to prop up their failing post-COVID economies. According to this Bloomberg article, poor-performing hedge funds have also helped make Baby-Boomers Bitcoin’s biggest fans.

In perhaps the biggest drawcard of all, the crypto economy’s total market value as of March 2021 is more than $1,802bn billion. Quite simply, crypto is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. So it’s really no surprise we Boomers are so interested. 

Baby-Boomers all over the world are realising that the future of currency is digital. 

We Boomers have lived through financial recession more than once. I myself have lived in Africa, where currencies frequently changed overnight. I’ve also lived in the UK, where the 1990-91 recession was dominated by financial failure, misappropriated pensions, and crippling loss of wealth.

I first joined the Dacxi exchange in 2019. Dacxi is a fintech company pioneering crowd finance, with a mission to change lives through new crypto wealth opportunities. Before joining, I had no knowledge of crypto. But I’d been hearing that the future of ‘money’ as we understood it was rapidly changing, and that the way forward was digital cryptocurrencies. The more I looked into it and understood the benefits of the technology, the more I became an avid supporter of Bitcoin and the Blue-Chip Cryptocurrencies.        

Boomers may be new to crypto, but we also maybe its best chance of going mainstream.

We Bitcoin Boomers are a mature demographic. We’ve been working hard since our teens. We’ve pretty much seen it all, and we have the ‘been there, done that’ attitude to match. We’re smart, savvy, and we have no time for blather. Many of us have lost and remade fortunes and savings. We’ve witnessed war and hardship. We pioneered modern music, television, raves, and the mobile phone. And now many of us can see a way to create a safety net for our financial wellbeing, through crypto and Bitcoin.   

As for me, I’m living and loving the ‘Dacxi Dream.’ I’m creating a legacy for myself and my family, and at the same time enjoying excellent support and friendship from the A+ Security Dacxi exchange. And most of all, I’m enjoying being a Bitcoin Boomer – and all the rewards it comes with.