Why developing a belief in crypto will change your life

Edward Ludbrook

Dec 24, 2020


Belief. I love this word.

My message today is encapsulated into this one word. It’s a word with power and it will get you in the mindset of taking action and achieving growth. It is well established that a message is easier to remember if it contains a concrete and specific word. Certain words trigger the brain to make connections with other ideas and concepts.

Today, that concrete word is Belief.

The legendary success author Napoleon Hill said in his book Think and Grow Rich, ‘what the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve’.

You don’t need to be a genius or a mathematician to make real money in crypto, but you do need to take confident and calculated action. And for this you need belief. That’s where the game becomes different.

If you believed that Bitcoin was going to increase by 500% within 2 years or that Dacxi Coin was going to grow by 2,000%, then taking the right action to exploit this opportunity would be easy. Doing research and learning crypto would be easy. Allocating sufficient capital into crypto would be easy.

Many people still do not believe that cryptocurrencies are the future and therefore hesitate to invest in them. They doubt. They fear. They lack confidence.

They neglect the time required for learning and do not invest the effort into understanding that this is an opportunity of a lifetime. They spend more time researching Netflix timetables or irrelevant entertainment than the crypto industry. They have no understanding of how crypto could change their lives.

In Napoleon Hills' quote the word ‘conceive’ means to understand. And it is the foundation of confidence and belief.  So, in essence, this quote could read ‘what the mind can ‘understand and build confidence in’, it can achieve.’ 

Dacxi learn

Our mission at Dacxi is to help you make good decisions in crypto. We aim to give you insights, information and value you can't find anywhere else — not just from us, but the collective minds of our community — so that you can make informed decisions on how to participate in the crypto space.

2021, will be the biggest year in the history of Crypto to date and you won’t want to miss out. We hope you will learn everything we offer in our educational learning hub and from our community so you can develop confidence and take the actions necessary to achieve the financial wealth goals you have.

Last word

Cryptocurrency is reshaping the world in which we live and it’s doing that now.  By harnessing the power of these new digital technologies, Dacxi is setting out to become the most innovative global retail investment company, built on trust with a long-term vision.

So, don’t wait. Partner with us and get stuck in. It’s time for you to learn and build unstoppable confidence in crypto, Dacxi and yourself.

One day this action will translate into more than just numbers on a screen, it will also back your belief that you have done something to change the world. 

We wish you a very prosperous 2021.