Why new crypto customers should purchase the Dacxi Bundle



Oct 23, 2018


Most people have heard of Bitcoin but for people new to crypto, the challenges of figuring out how to actually buy and store it are considerable. With just 1% of the planet currently in crypto assets, there’s incredible potential in the years ahead. We want to make it as easy as possible for new people to gain exposure to crypto as an asset class — and that’s why we’ve created the Dacxi Bundle.

Here’s why you should consider purchasing in the Dacxi Bundle:

It’s a Bundle of the top Crypto Assets

The Dacxi Bundle is a diversified portfolio of the top three, most trusted crypto assets (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin) plus Dacxi’s DAC Coin. Each asset is the leader in their category. The bundle is designed to minimise risk and maximise returns for new crypto investors looking for the simplest way to participate in the next crypto boom.

It’s Easy to Buy

Simply go to dacxi.com/bundle and follow the easy process. With a minimum purchase of $100, you’re in control. Purchase as much or as little as you like.

You’re Instantly Diversified

Many tech and financial thought leaders are now recommending that savvy investors allocate a portion of their portfolio (1% to 5%) to Bitcoin and crypto assets. Why? Because they offer a powerful combination — the ability to generate significant long-term returns and strong diversification benefits given their low correlation to traditional asset classes. As global property and share market growth stalls, it’s smart to diversify your portfolio. For customer who are new to crypto, the easiest way to achieve this is a Dacxi Bundle.

No Fees

The Dacxi Bundle contains no fees. Yes, you read that right. There are no one-off or regular fees. It’s completely free to buy. The exact amount of crypto you will get for your money is based on the current market price and will be confirmed when your order is processed.

Your Crypto Is Secure

After purchase, your Dacxi Bundle is stored in your Dacxi Exchange wallets. These are protected by our security protocols. You can either store them safely in your Dacxi wallets or withdraw them to another wallet at any time.

You Can Sell Whenever You Want

You are free to store your crypto in your exchange wallets, remove them to a hardware wallet, or sell them individually at any time.

Past Returns Have Been Excellent

While past performance is not indicative of future returns, even during 2018’s bear market, if you’d bought a $1000 Dacxi Bundle on Jan 1 2016 your bundle would be worth approximately $55,209 today. Buy a bundle, make a bundle?

We’ve Even Got A Compelling Bonus Offer

It’s an exciting time. Crypto is fast becoming recognised as a legitimate new asset class with incredible potential. If you’re ready to be an early purchaser, the Dacxi Bundle is for you. Plus if you buy before December 31, we’ll give you 50% extra DAC Coins as a bonus!

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