Tokenisation of precious metals



Aug 26, 2021


Tokenisation of Precious Metals

 In our blog post on tokenisation, we discussed how technology has transformed the way individuals and companies are able to discover and leverage investment opportunities across a growing number of asset classes. By applying blockchain technology to assets such as precious metals, investors are able to go beyond the traditional limits of the precious metals market. 

For an investor, tokenisation of precious metals such as gold is advantageous since the digital proof of verified ownership makes for easier and quicker transactions anywhere in the world. Investors have full control over their assets at any point in time, unlike the ownership of physical precious metals or ETFs. Precious metal-backed tokens are also inherently more liquid than other forms of precious metal ownership as they can be traded continuously worldwide.


Buying Gold and other precious metals on Dacxi

 In the Dacxi platform, every day investors can buy/sell precious metals (Gold, Silver & Platinum) through tokens that are fully backed by the physical metal. In the instance of the Dacxi Gold Token (DGXT), token holders are able to trade and transact gold in varying amounts that would previously not have been economically feasible. Each Dacxi Gold token in circulation is backed by one ounce of gold bought and stored in the vaults of reputable bullion dealers in Australia and the United Kingdom.


Did you know


●      The market capitalisation of gold is currently around $11.4T. For comparison, the current market cap of Bitcoin is about $908B. (August 2021)

●      Australia is the world’s 2nd largest gold producer and is estimated to have the world largest gold reserves.

●      A single ounce of gold can be stretched into a gold thread 5 miles long.

●      Gold is yellow because of something called relativistic quantum chemistry. Its electrons move so fast that they shift the wavelength of light absorbed to blue and reflect the opposite colour: gold.


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The Dacxi Advantage

Dacxi is a pioneer of digital assets and tokenisation. Dacxi’s proprietary technology and platform provides everyday investors with access to a carefully curated catalogue of investment opportunities, including select cryptocurrencies and bundles.

Dacxi’s catalogue also includes tokenised precious metals, one of the oldest asset classes in existence. Dacxi’s exchange provides individuals, Australian SMSFs and companies unprecedented access to build a portfolio of precious metals.