Dacxi Crypto Wealth | The Calm Before the Storm



Apr 7, 2022


Weekly market overview.

Let’s start with our usual price-check on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Since yesterday Bitcoin has dipped to $45,800 and Ethereum to $3400 which is a drop of around 2-3%. But there’s nothing to be concerned about. Looking at the the Crypto Fear and Greed index we see it’s back in neutral after a brief surge into the Greed range last week. I think the market is still digesting last week's jump up, and it’s now waiting to pick a direction. Are we bullish? Are we bearish? That is why I decided to call this week's episode ‘The calm before the storm,’ because I think there's a storm brewing, and by that I mean volatility will come to the markets.

The key of course is are we going to be volatile to the upside, or the downside? That is the big question. But I think as we'll learn later in this week's episode there are some potentially big catalysts coming to the crypto markets, particularly impacting Bitcoin. But if I had to lean one way or another, I'm leaning towards a bullishness, because I think we're going to get some big news stories coming out of the Bitcoin 2022 conference starting tomorrow in Miami.


Macro indications from the Fed.