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Nov 15, 2021


Research Says at Least 16% of Americans Have Owned Crypto

AMC Theaters Start Accepting Cryptocurrency Payment

58% of Video Game Developers Already Use Blockchain

Apple CEO Tim Cook Says he Owns Cryptocurrency

Zanzibar in Tanzania is Reportedly Exploring Ways to Embrace Crypto


Welcome to another exciting update about the crypto industry. A recent report disclosed that 16% of Americans own cryptocurrencies. It shows that Americans are slowly warming up to the idea of investing in cryptocurrencies. Also, the AMC Theatres has announced that they will begin accepting crypto payments by the end of this year, which shows how far the crypto space has come. 

The blockchain industry, as a whole, is also playing a crucial role in many industries. A recent survey report discloses that 58% of game developers have started using blockchain technology. We also got to know this week that Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, owns crypto! Isn’t that amazing? Then comes Tanzania’s Zanzibar, which is news for looking into ways to incorporate crypto in its local economy. 


Research Says at Least 16% of Americans Have Owned Crypto

According to a survey published by the Pew Research Center, about 16% of Americans have invested, traded, or used some form of cryptocurrency.

Further findings of the research suggest that 31% of the participants who have owned crypto fall in the age group of 18-29 years. Moreover, Asian, Black, and Hispanic respondents were also each more likely to have invested in the crypto as compared to whites.

Furthermore, 86% of survey participants said about hearing at least a little about cryptocurrencies. Among them, 24% said they have heard a lot about cryptocurrencies.

Overall, these findings emerge as government authorities, among others, discuss the regulation of cryptocurrency- which is being used as a digital currency, with no central authority managing. The financial regulators are also concerned about policing digital currencies and have raised issues about the long-term viability of cryptocurrencies.


AMC Theaters Start Accepting Cryptocurrency Payment

American cinema chain AMC Theaters has finally started adopting cryptocurrencies payments for online payments of movie tickets.

Announcing the news, AMC CEO Adam Aron said, “Big newsflash! As promised, many new ways NOW to pay online at AMC. We proudly now accept: drumroll, please… Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin. Also Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal. Incredibly, they already account for 14% of our total online transactions! Dogecoin next.”

This move of AMC comes in line with the company plans, which it had earlier announced in August to debut Bitcoin payments for buying movie tickets by the end of 2021. It has eventually expanded the list of supported currencies on its platforms like Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.


Research Says 58% of Video Game Developers Already Use Blockchain

According to research published by Stratis, about 58% of video game developers in the U.S. and U.K. have now started to use blockchain technology.

Stratis, a leading blockchain platform, also found that out of 197 video game developers (survey respondents), 47% claim to have already started incorporating NFTs in their games.

Moreover, a majority of the survey participants said they would consider using these innovations in developing new games, as 72% of respondents are considering using blockchain and NFTs in upcoming games. The game developers consider DeFi, NFTs, and play to earn models to have a big potential to add value and create more engaging player experiences.


Apple CEO Tim Cook Says he Owns Cryptocurrency

Apple CEO Tim Cook said he personally owns cryptocurrency as “part of a diversified portfolio.”

When asked if he owns bitcoin or ethereum at “The New York Times DealBook conference,” Tim Cook said, “I do. I think it’s reasonable to own it as part of a diversified portfolio,” Cook told Andrew Ross Sorkin in an interview that aired Tuesday. “I’m not giving anyone investment advice by the way.”

He also added that he has been interested in cryptocurrency for a while and that he has been researching the topic. However, he said that this was his personal interest and rejected the possibility of Apple accepting cryptocurrencies as a legal tender.


Zanzibar in Tanzania is Reportedly Exploring Ways to Embrace Crypto

Zanzibar is reportedly exploring ways to regulate and accept cryptocurrencies as a legal tender in its region.

The semi-autonomous territory in Tanzania has reportedly conducted several meetings with key stakeholders like banks, regulators, and ministers to discuss the policies related to the cryptocurrency industry.

The move to adopt crypto is part of Mudrick Soraga's (Zanzibar Minister of State) plans, who had earlier met local crypto enthusiasts. The talks circled around recognizing cryptocurrencies in Zanzibar and adopting them as an official transaction method in the region. After all, the global crypto market has reached over $3 trillion.