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Invest in four classes of highest potential crypto assets.

+ 50% DAC**
$100AU is the minimum package
= 0.0000433 BTC
= 0.0000433 ETH
= 0.0000433 LTC
= 0.0000433 DAC
*The prices listed above are indicative only.
**Offer available for limited time only.





+ 50% DAC Bonus**

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Zero fees

There’s no one-off or regular fees. It’s completely free to buy.

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Choose the amount you want to invest. From $100 to $100,000.

Get 50% Bonus

Every investor will get 50% bonus in form of DAC Coin


Crypto is the single greatest wealth generation opportunity most of us will experience in our lifetime. We believe Bitcoin will replace gold as the world’s safe haven investment, Ethereum will pave the way for innovative decentralised apps like Facebook and Snapchat to be built, and Litecoin will replace USD as the world’s reserve currency; and that crypto will generally play a major role in the tokenization of assets and companies in the future. So it pays to get in early.
You’ll get:
- 50% Bitcoin
- 20% Ethereum
- 10% Litecoin
- 20% DAC Coin (+50% bonus DAC)
Yes! You’ll need to create an account to help us assign your new crypto assets to your account. Once they’re in your account, they’re yours. Free to sell or move to another account or exchange.
Every financial service provider must ask its customers to prove their identity and complete a verification process (sometimes known as KYC) and we’re the same. To buy a Bundle, you’ll need to create an account during the purchase process and confirm your full name, address, date of birth and phone number.
The exact amount of crypto you will get for your money is based on the current market price and thus can only be confirmed when your order has been processed.
We don’t charge you any fees to buy a Crypto Bundle. However, there are fees to transfer crypto assets on the relevant network. Traditionally these are very small.
Your crypto balances will be displayed in your Dacxi wallet – you’ll get a different wallet for each of your different crypto Bundle assets. From your wallet, you can top up your investment in each crypto asset, start a regular savings plan, sell your crypto assets or withdrawal them.
Your crypto assets will be held in our secure combination of hot and cold storage. You’ll own them, but we look after them. And when you need to sell them or withdraw them, we’ll transfer them to a wallet exchange or your choice. Just initiate a ‘withdrawal’ to get them.