Dacxi Bundles make buying crypto easy

Blue Chip Bundle

The Blue Chip Bundle is a simple and smart way to buy the biggest cryptos on the block. These are the crypto-currencies that all the world’s major financial institutions have their eyes on. And together in our Blue Chip Bundle, they’re the world’s number 1 solution for the budding crypto wealth builder – performing 100% better than a Bitcoin-only portfolio.

  • Made up of 50% Bitcoin, 20% Ethereum, 10% Litecoin, 20% Dacxi Coin
  • Get the reduced risk of a more diversified portfolio
  • You can sell any of your Blue Chip coins individually at any time
  • Just set an amount and let our system automatically buy your coins based on a fixed proven ratio
  • PLUS for a limited time only, get a special bonus of 10% more Dacxi Coins.

Precious Metals Bundle

Precious metals have been a firm favourite of investors for centuries, and we’re not just talking gold. This bundle is number 1 in crypto wealth protection. With gold, silver, and platinum digital Precious Metal tokens, this bundle is a great way to build a higher-performing portfolio, with a reduced risk.

  • Includes the world’s three leading Precious Metals; 60% gold, 15% silver, and 5% platinum
  • PLUS 20% Dacxi Coin and an additional 10% Bonus Dacxi Coin
  • Just set an amount and let our system automatically buy your coins based on a fixed proven ratio
  • $200 minimum order

DAC Pack

Dacxi Coin is the currency for the global Dacxi Economy, and it’s poised to become the world’s leading crypto wealth-building coin. Dacxi Coin’s value is driven by the demand from Dacxi’s global expansion. With a strong foothold in Australia and the UK, Dacxi is reaching more people and countries every day. And by 2021, Dacxi will have built the world’s first network of crypto wealth platforms.

  • DAC Packs come with a 50% coin bonus so you’re buying your Dacxi Coins at a discount
  • Dacxi’s global growth makes the Dacxi Coin one of crypto’s highest potential earners
  • When the Dacxi Coin is listed externally the DAC Pack will be discontinued – so it’s available for a limited time only
  • The DAC Pack’s potential and limited run make it one of Dacxi’s most popular bundles, so don’t miss out.

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