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Meet David

"I’ve been looking a crypto currency for over 5 years or more and became involved with Dacxi over three years ago as what is quaintly called an ‘early adopter’. So far the results have been amazing. And as Ronald Reagan used to say ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet’.”

“It was easy, I learnt as I went in my own time”

Hello, my name is David and I'm from the UK. In my teens, my ambition was to drive the length of Africa, from Cairo to the Cape. That I did with three University friends where we  spent our summer vacation, driving from London, to Cape Town, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Northern and Southern Rhodesia. I was bitten by the travel bug. My first job was as a district officer in Rhodesia. I learned flying chipmunks, and later drove from Washington DC to San Francisco. Before Unilever sent me as marketing manager to South Africa, where most weekends, I was spending them out on safari in the bush. After a spell with Lever Brothers in Canada, I was later invited to run and grow the large Lever business in Indonesia, and have the opportunity to travel widely in the Orient as well. After a spell in the UK, I was headhunted into BP International, and was again able to travel. So my skills are those of the professional marketeer and my interests are around travel in Africa, and the Far East. Very rich in experience, but not in cash. When I had to put three children through top British universities, I decided I had to sell my classic coachable Bentley, and a much loved Alvis. The same model is driven by Douglas Bader. Now that our children have at long last left home, it's time to replace those classic motor cars. And for Dacxi, to enter on a queue, ready to move centerstage. I've been looking at cryptocurrency for five years or more, and became involved with Dacxi three years ago....as what is quaintly called an 'early adopter'. So far the results have been amazing. And as Ronald Reagan used to say, "you've seen nothing yet". I'm certain that I made the right decision. I also know where I'll get the money from for my next classic Bentley and next Alvis!