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Meet Dale

“The main points I liked about Dacxi was the security, the A+ security rating, the community, the education is a big plus and just the friends that you make along the way. I certainly hope you have as much fun as I am.”

“It was easy, I learnt as I went in my own time”

Hey guys, I just wanted to share some of my story and some of my journey. So last year I was starting to look around I was wasn't really happy with the performance from my super (SMSF); I was losing money. I ended up having a chat with a friend of mine as I was quite keen on looking at other avenues. So he recommended to talk to his wife, who's had plenty of experience in business and investing, and she's had had a bit of experience in crypto. And, yes, so I met with her and just one thing led to another and we had a really cool conversation. And that sort of gave me a little bit of a spark and I just decided to explore more into it did my own research and took greater personal responsibility with that. And yeah, just met, people in the Dacxi community met some really cool Dacxi coaches. So I started learning as much as I could and I am still learning. It's an ongoing journey, because as tech changes, and the market changes, so does crypto. So I think the main points I liked about Dacxi’s  A+ security rating. Yeah, the community and the Dacxi education is a big plus. And yeah, just the friends you make along the way and the fact that we can help other people and build a future for our families for future generations. So that's pretty cool, too. Yeah, I certainly hope you have as much fun as I am, and I look forward to seeing you around. Bye.