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Meet Craig

“So dacxi was started to be simple and safe. A safe platform with a A+ secure rating, we’ve got the highest security rating out there. And simple, as in, for the everyday person who are not so tech savvy. I am really, really wrapped with what (dacxi) it’s done for me.”

“It was easy, I learnt as I went in my own time”

G'd day, my name is Craig. I'm a man from the bush. I've got seven acres just north of Sydney. So I love my little organic vegetable farm. Yeah, so when I got involved in crypto it was the beginning of 2017. And what really got me interested was just to see the progression of Bitcoin from when it started at cents to where it got to in hundreds of dollars in a very short period of time… which is way more of what my bank account was doing. As we all know, we don't make much money having money in banks with low inflation and low interest rates. Dacxi was started to be ‘simple and safe’. So a safe platform with a A+ secure rating. We've got the highest security rating out there and it's ‘simple’ as in for the everyday person who are not so tech savvy. The staff in in our three main offices, which is in New Zealand, Sydney, Australia, and UK are really good. They get back to you very quickly and you're talking to a real human person, you’re not speaking to some bot or something. Yeah, my crypto assets... all I can say is they've completely blown me away in how much they've gone up. Really, you can do a lot when when you have some good wealth; you can you can change the world. I plan on doing a lot with my for my family, and also for the environment. I want to do a lot for endangered animals. So yeah, I really recommend to really check out Dacxi, and yeah, I'm very, very wrapped with it, but for what it's done for me. Thanks very much.