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Meet Robert

“I am beginning to see my future is no longer dire, but something to really really look forward too. For me it is really comforting to know other members of Dacxi are equally confident, are genuine and eager to secure their future financial security. I love it.”

“It was easy, I learnt as I went in my own time”

My name is Rob. I'm 75 years old, and retired. And until I met Dacxi, I really had no financial security or plan. And I've had a number of financial disasters in my life. And I've heard about cryptocurrency a few years, four or five years ago, and it was great. I thought, this is so wonderful. It's just what I've been looking for. But unfortunately, of course, all my experiences were pretty much the same, which was young people telling me how great it was, how easy it is to get into, and what a great idea. But unfortunately, it also left me feeling inept.  You know, technologically, not really with it. Then when my friend told me about Dacxi, that was a different story altogether, it was so much easier to get into. A few months later, that friend of mine wanted to find out about it and I'd already forgotten how to do it all. So the support was still there! And I was able to find out more about it and get my friend involved. And it became really, really simple. So I've had a great run with Dacxi. I've been involved now for almost two years with Dacxi. My funding that I've put in is tripled. And that's pretty good. Considering that if I'd left it in the bank it would be the same or less. I'm beginning to see my future is no longer dire, but really, really something to look forward to. Now I'm feeling very excited. The other part about Dacxi that I really like is the community of friends now. Members who are really friendly, they're really supportive, and they're not at all judgmental. So anytime I have a question I can go on to one of the talks, the chat shows, find out about it, and the answer is straight up, straight up there. For me it is really comforting to know that the other members of Dacxi see equally confident, genuine, eager to ensure a future financial security. I love it.