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Meet Saira

“Cryptocurrency was 2019’s best performing asset and if you have money in the bank what a lot of people don’t realize is it’s actually depreciating in value right now. Where as crypto for me has just grown arms and legs.”

“It was easy, I learnt as I went in my own time”

Hi, my name is Saira, and I'm from Glasgow. I wanted to get involved in cryptocurrency ever since I heard about Bitcoin and the enormous gains that were made. I didn’t get involved with crypto until last year when I was introduced to Dacxi. And the reason for that is that some of the terminology and the jargon that surrounded crypto was really new to me. And I found it really sort of intimidating and confusing. The buying process itself with cryptocurrency can be quite tricky as well. So it's one of these things that I just sort of popped to the back of my head and thought, yeah, I'll do that later. If I'm honest, if it wasn't for being introduced to Dacxi, I probably wouldn't have any crypto assets right now. One of the main things I was worried about was losing my money. I think like most people are scared to buy something and then the value of that depreciates or they don't make anything from it. So I put in what I could afford in the beginning, and then fast forward to a year later, I have been able to take out all of my original purchase and so everything that I've got now is pure profit. Last year in 2019, cryptocurrency was actually 2019 best performing asset. And if you have money in the bank, what a lot of people don't actually realise is it's actually depreciating in value right now. Where as crypto for me as just grown arms and legs and it's really, really skyrocketed over the past year and I think things are going to get much better. I am really excited about the future I think the future is cryptocurrency, we're heading towards a digital world and I just think that one of the best things about Dacxi is the Venture Exchange when that launches I cannot wait for that because then I'll be able to then use some of my crypto assets to then invest in companies all around the world as well.