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+ extra bonus from 5% to 75%**
$100AU is the minimum package
= 0.0000433 DAC
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DAC Coin

+ 5% - 25% DAC Bonus**

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The DAC Coin is the native exchange coin of the Dacxi Community Exchange; a start-up that aims to simplify the crypto buying experience and become the friendliest crypto exchange and investor community in the world.

Why DAC?

Coin utility

Get the coin’s value from discounts on exchange fees, premium Dacxi Community benefits and pre-ICO offers.

Growing demand

As our product features and global marketing efforts improve, so too will demand for the DAC Coin.

Reducing supply

70% of our profits will be used to repurchase and burn DAC Coins; reducing the amount available until just 50% remain.

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Prices that suit you

Buy DAC Coin and get additional crypto

$1k = 5% bonus in DAC
$2k = 10% bonus in DAC
$5k+ = 15% bonus in DAC
$10k+ = 25% bonus in DAC

Hold Bonus

Hold DAC for more than 90 days and get 50% bonus in DAC

>90 days = 50% bonus in DAC

More bonus


The DAC Coin is the world’s first ever community building coin, granting exclusive benefits to all holders. The coin's value comes from premium Dacxi Community benefits and pre-ICO offers.
Anyone you share your link with! As long as they create a Dacxi Exchange account and complete level 1 of the profile verification process.
Once we have verified your investment we will allocate your DAC coin to your Dacxi Exchange account on the following Tuesday. All referral bonuses will be allocated on the 7th of each month.
In addition to the referral bonuses, there is a Hold bonus. If you hold onto your DAC coin for more than 90 days you will receive another 50% bonus in DAC coin.
Always ensure that the email address you use in the form is the same as the one you have used to set up your Dacxi Exchange account. If this is not the case then the funds will not reach your account.
If you have any questions or want some more information please send an email to our friendly support staff at