World’s Premier
Wealth Builder Coin

Launched in 2017, the Dacxi Coin has been a private currency powering our unique Dacxi ecosystem.
Now, with our first public coin listing and the development of our very-own blockchain technology, we’re on a journey to be listed on the world’s biggest exchanges.

The Dacxi Coin will achieve two major goals. The first, to build
a game-changing global Crypto Wealth platform. The second, to create
an innovation funding system – and unlock the full potential of the
world’s most cutting-edge companies.

The Dacxi Coin Ecosystem


A+ security rating and working on our own soon-to-be launched blockchain technology.


An all-star C-suite line-up of the industry’s brightest minds.

Use case

Founded in 2017, we’ve achieved many milestones, all in line with our journey to realizing our coin’s unique use case.

What is Dacxi Coin

Dacxi Coin Bluepaper

Explains the details of the coin

Dacxi Technology

The Dacxi eco-system is built on a tech-stack that not only runs our proprietary (and fully functional) trading exchange, but is also the building block of the upcoming Dacxi Chain and our venture funding use case. We pride ourselves on having a full in-house, and global, development team and having built our own best-in-class technology stack from the ground up.

The Dacxi exchange is a full wealth management platform, with the ability to buy and sell a range of different cryptocurrencies (including the ability to buy our very own Dacxi Coin; the currency that is fuelling the Dacxi ecosystem). We're getting ready to launch future versions of the exchange and provide our customers with real time trading across a large variety of digital assets, detailed analysis and reporting, and full support for all of their trading requirements.

We have a number of key technology innovations on the horizon, which you can see in our timeline below. The Dacxi Chain (our own Blockchain technology) is being launched in 2022, and will create a world of tokenisation innovation all powered by the Dacxi Coin. Our primary use case, an instantaneous and globally accessible venture funding application which is also powered by the Dacxi Coin, will be launched in 2022 and will revolutionise how start-ups raise both seed capital and early stage funding.

Dacxi Timeline

  • Dacxi launched in July with a mission to empower people and innovation
  • Opened offices in Singapore and New Zealand
  • Dacxi Direct-digital marketing released
  • Perfected the technology for our global network of platforms
  • Secured our EU crypto-exchange license
  • Dacxi Global Exchange officially opened
  • Dacxi Coin Pre-ICO launched

  • Australian Exchange launched
  • Dacxi Exchange was awarded the highest possible A+ security rating
  • Achieved Gibraltar Stage 1 Crypto License
  • Hired highly experienced crypto-exchange tech team in Brazil
  • Dacxi Coin’s ICO complete
  • launched a Global Trading Exchange with basic coins
  • Launched Blue Chip Bundle
  • Dacxi Partner Programme created

  • Debut of Exchange’s EasyTrading feature
  • The DAC Pack launch
  • Achieved Australian AUSTRAC AML license
  • Launched Version 1.0 of our Australian Investment Platform
  • Established vision for Crypto-Wealth
  • Achieved European Union Crypto-Exchange license
  • Opened Estonian office in Tallinn
  • Opened UK/Eire office in Oxford
  • Opened Australian office in Sydney
  • Launched Trading in Ireland
  • Earned our first UK media coverage

  • New UK CEO announced
  • Focused efforts on UK/EU/AU
  • Released Crypto Wealth branding
  • The Dacxi Coin secured listings on top exchanges for 2021
  • Celebrated our first million dollar month
  • Launched Precious Metals Bundle
  • Launched Version 2.0 of our Investment Platform
  • Released global gifting feature

  • We celebrated our first $5million month
  • Hired our Chief Digital Officer to lead our digital expansion
  • Announced The Dacxi Chain project, own blockchain technology (ongoing)
  • Dacxi Exchanges launched in the UK, EU, NZ, and Singapore, including up to 50 cloud platforms
  • Heightened sales and marketing in the UK with new management team
  • Introduced new UK board to drive regulatory oversight
  • The DAC Pack discontinued after 1700% year-on-year growth
  • The Dacxi Coin went liquid on Dacxi exchanges
  • Achieved NZ FMA crypto license
  • Introduced POLIpay instant payments on Australian Exchange
  • Hired our Head of Global Learning for Customers
  • Opened our Latin American office
  • The Dacxi Vault was created
  • The Dacxi Coin was listed on its first external exchange
  • Hired our CEO for Australia/New Zealand
  • Launched our UK ISA/pension product
  • Started forming our Australian board
  • Started plans for our global licensee programme launch
  • The Dacxi Blue Ocean Bundle launch

  • Upcoming developments for 2021:
  • LATAM and Singapore offices to open
  • The Dacxi Coin to launch on multiple Tier 2 Exchanges
  • Australian Board finalized
  • Release of our UK ISA product
  • Launch of our global crypto-education platform
  • Launch of our professional financial advisor education programme
  • Build our global network of 50 platforms

  • Launch our bespoke blockchain technology, The Dacxi Chain
  • Release of Dacxi’s Tokenised Crowd-Funding
  • Open Venture Exchanges in key countries globally
  • Begin building our global licensee network
  • Expand our global network of platforms to 100 countries
  • Public listings in Australia and the UK
  • Dacxi Dubai office opens
  • Achieve crowd-funding/securities licenses across multiple countries
  • Open African office in RSA
  • Open North American office
  • Launch of the world’s first ever crowd-funding token
  • List on Australian and UK stock markets
  • Version 3.0 of our Crypto Wealth platform will be launched, powered by the Dacxi Chain
  • The first Dacxi Venture Exchanges for token liquidity will be launched in Australia, Singapore and UK
  • Dacxi’s licensee network will grow +100

  • Licensee recruitment will be complete across six Dacxi regional offices
  • We will have achieved significant regulatory applications for crowd-funding++
  • Our game-changing global innovation funding system will be live and in action
  • Dacxi will be the world’s leading Crypto Wealth network

Dacxi’s Global Presence

Dacxi HQ is based in Singapore, with our fast-growing global team working across Oxford UK, Sydney Australia, Estonia Europe, São Paulo Brazil and Auckland New Zealand.

From our engineers who craft industry-leading tech and security standards, to our amazing customer service team who are with you all the way – the Dacxi family is a truly global FinTech business who are dedicated to redefining wealth creation, and wealth management, through cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Senior Leadership Team

Kartharine Wooller
MD Dacxi UK & Europe
Ian Lowe
CEO Dacxi Australasia
Wayne Miller
Chief Digital Officer Global
Craig Smith Gander
Non-Executive Director Australia

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