Blue Chip Bundle

Our Blue Chip Bundle is the simple way to build a portfolio of the world's biggest coins. These are the cryptocurrencies that the world's major financial institutions have their eyes on – and you can get your hands on them at the Dacxi Wealth Exchange.

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Blue Ocean Bundle

The Blue Ocean Bundle lets you quickly and easily diversify your Crypto Wealth portfolio with the next big wave of high-performing cryptocurrencies.

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Precious Metals Bundle

Through the process of tokenization, Dacxi has created digital precious metal tokens. So you can hedge against risk with a strategic investment in gold, silver, and platinum - without the headaches of storing and transporting physical metals.

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Curated individual coin selection

You can also enhance your Dacxi Wealth Portfolio by purchasing individual coins. We've carefully selected coins with high growth potential and demand on major global exchanges. These are the coins preferred by global seasoned crypto investors, and you can buy them today on the Dacxi Exchange.

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