Dacxi’s new Crypto Wealth Platform achieves A+ security rating

Dacxi is proud to announce that their long track record of world-class security has continued, with their newly released Crypto Wealth Platform achieving an A+ security rating.

The Mozilla Observatory has given Dacxi’s platform the highest possible rating, with two other independent organisations similarly praising the platform’s impressive security level.

‘As the pioneer of Crypto Wealth, Dacxi is aware that many crypto-exchanges have been hacked, and ultimately lost their customers’ assets,’ says Dacxi CEO Ed Ludbrook. ‘That’s why ensuring our customers’ assets are protected at all times is Dacxi’s top priority.’

The web interface between the user and the exchange is generally considered the most vulnerable to threat. So Dacxi’s high rating plays a critical role in providing customers total confidence that their assets are secure.

Unlike most exchanges, Dacxi doesn’t lend out their customers’ crypto assets. 98% of Dacxi’s customers’ assets are kept in cold storage, which means they’re completely safe from potential hackers and cyber-security threats.

In another bid to protect their customers, Dacxi has compulsory two factor authentication (2FA) on all their exchange accounts. Making this level of protection mandatory is unique in the crypto industry. ‘Many users don’t know how to protect their home computers, and are ultimately hacked outside of the exchange environment,’ says Ludbrook. ‘2FA is incredibly effective at preventing this, and by making it compulsory, our customers can trust that we’re doing all we can to protect their assets.’