New Crypto Wealth System poised to grow confidence of everyday investors worldwide

Dacxi, the pioneers behind the emerging Crypto-Wealth sector, have created a new system designed to empower everyday investors with a wealth-building mindset.

Research has shown that a majority of crypto-buyers take a speculative, gambling approach to investing. ‘The mindset that they should only put in what they can afford to lose puts an immediate cap on people’s wealth-building ability,’ says Dacxi CEO Ed Ludbrook. ‘$500 of Bitcoin may make a tidy profit, but it’s unlikely to change your financial future. The only way to do that is by building crypto confidence.’

In a bid to help their customers build the confidence to invest for long-term wealth, Dacxi has spent three years pioneering the Dacxi Wealth System.

The world-first system offers Dacxi customers a one-to-one personal learning guide, group webinars, and online activities. All at no cost, and all designed to empower people to invest in crypto with confidence.

‘Just like learning to drive a car, there’s a certain level of knowledge and skills required to be able to operate independently with safety and confidence,’ says Ludbrook. ‘This is what the Dacxi Wealth System does, and it’s free to all Dacxi customers.’

In a rapidly changing industry of endless information, opinion, and comment, Dacxi has determined the optimum knowledge and skills that platform users need. By providing the right education, information, inspiration and support, the company is taking the all-important steps to bridge the crypto knowledge gap.