Dacxi launches Partner Programme to help customers build crypto confidence

When a new technology comes along with the promise of financial opportunity, adoption is driven by confidence. For a vast majority of buyers, that confidence comes from word of mouth, and personal recommendations from a friend.

That’s why Singapore-based crypto company, Dacxi, has exclusively used affiliate marketing for customer acquisition since 2018. ‘Our affiliates introduce customers and earn a bonus,’ says Dacxi CEO Ed Ludbrook. ‘As those customers grow in confidence and reorder, the affiliate gets a further bonus.’

In the aftermath of the crypto currency boom of 2017, when the vast majority of exchanges began to fail, this process of recommendation and referral ensured Dacxi’s survival.

Building on the strength of their existing affiliate programme, Dacxi has launched its next evolution; the Partner Programme.

‘Dacxi is different, in that our focus isn’t just helping someone buy crypto. Our goal is to help people build their wealth through crypto,’ says Ludbrook. This idea forms the crux of Crypto Wealth, a new sector in the crypto industry, which Dacxi has pioneered. The Partner Programme plays an important role in Crypto Wealth, ensuring new customers get quality support from competent and confident guides.

‘We call them Partners because that’s what our customers need,’ explains Ludbrook. ‘Having a real person there to guide you supports the learning process. We believe wealth-building should be a team sport, and that a Partner is a great way to fast-track your journey towards prosperity.’

The Partner Programme is free for all Dacxi customers, and is completely optional. ‘While any user may choose to learn independently, our experience has shown those customers that have one-on-one support experience significantly higher levels of confidence and ultimately success,’ says Ludbrook.

The new Partner Programme comes with benefits for the Partners, too. The bonuses for affiliates remain attractive, and the access to a large audience of new customers creates the opportunity for Partners to build a substantial income, all while working flexibly from home.

The Partner Programme is set to be a simple and effective way for new Dacxi customers to build their crypto confidence quickly and easily. ‘When we support our customers, their confidence and success will flourish. And so too will our Partners’ income, which is ultimately a win for everyone on team Dacxi,’ says Ludbrook. ‘We believe that Dacxi has created the crypto industry’s leading support system, and we look forward to helping everyday people around the world build substantial wealth through crypto.’