Dacxi launches powerful new crypto education programme

After three years of development, Dacxi is set to launch the new Dacxi Wealth System. Launching in conjunction with the recently updated Learn Version 2.0, the system promises to be the world’s most comprehensive education programme for Crypto Wealth Builders.

Free for all Dacxi customers, the programme is said to be the only one in the world dedicated solely to helping people build their wealth with crypto.

Research has shown that buyers often treat crypto as a risky bet. Market booms, like the one seen in late 2017, haven’t helped change this perception – with everyday people flocking to crypto, only to be burnt when the bubble burst.

Singapore-based crypto company Dacxi’s philosophy is that crypto plus confidence equals long-term wealth. ‘As with all asset classes, risk can be reduced by understanding the basic factors driving the market,’ says Dacxi CEO, Ed Ludbrook. ‘With competence, key knowledge and skills, crypto becomes an exciting asset class with enormous wealth-building possibilities.’

Dacxi’s mission is to help everyday people build this competence, understanding, and competence. This mission led to their pioneering work in Crypto Wealth, and the creation of the Dacxi Wealth System.

The Dacxi Wealth System features a complete basic course, supported by videos, workbooks, and a competence test to address any knowledge gaps.

It also contains regularly updated industry news, to keep customers’ knowledge up-to-date on an ongoing basis. ‘There’s a lot of coverage of crypto out there, and the industry is awash with extraneous information, opinion and comment, much of which simply takes people off-track,’ says Ludbrook. ‘The Dacxi Wealth System is designed to help customers block out the noise, and listen to expert voices they know they can trust.’

As part of the Learn Version 2.0 update, Dacxi has also launched a new Partner Programme. All Dacxi customers are offered free one-on-one support from their own personal crypto guide. ‘Over the last few years, Dacxi customers who have taken advantage of this level of support have experienced significantly higher levels of confidence, and ultimately success,’ says Ludbrook. ‘We look forward to helping even more people reach this new level of crypto.’