Dacxi launches world’s first Crypto Wealth Platform

The Singapore-based crypto company, Dacxi, is celebrating the launch of their highly anticipated Crypto Wealth Platform.

Where most exchanges simply offer a place for people to buy, store, and sell crypto-currencies, Dacxi’s Crypto Wealth Platform goes multiple steps further. The integrated platform also provides a comprehensive system of education, information, and support – at a level as yet unseen in the crypto world. Dacxi is also the only crypto company to offer free one-on-one support and group education, focused on wealth generation through crypto.

For Dacxi, pioneering the new sector of Crypto Wealth has been a three-year journey. ‘We realised in 2017 that the crypto market had excellent long-term wealth-building opportunities for the public, yet no company was set up to support them,’ states founder CEO Ed Ludbrook. ‘If you want the public to invest in crypto to build wealth, then you have to help them become sufficiently educated, and confident enough to treat crypto like an asset class.’

Currently, the vast majority of the crypto market are either specialist traders (which only a skilled few are able to do successfully), or speculators. The latter tend to see crypto as a lottery ticket, with a gambler’s mentality that they should only put in what they can afford to lose. Investing to build wealth, however, requires capital you can’t afford to lose. And building the confidence to invest at this level takes a unique amount of support, currently lacking in the industry.

In 2018, Dacxi pioneered a Bundle portfolio programme designed to make buying crypto with confidence easier for the everyday retail investor. The bundles have significantly outperformed single coin purchases, as well as products offering large numbers of niche coins. Dacxi calls it the best-performing, lowest risk, simplest product on the global crypto market.

With offices in five countries, Dacxi is in a period of hyper-growth. The recent launch of their Precious Metal Bundle is also set to help everyday people diversify into gold, silver, and platinum. Furthering the company’s mission to make crypto wealth accessible to all.