Dacxi launches simple way for crypto investors to diversify into precious metals

Dacxi is excited to announce the launch of their latest crypto-currency product, the Precious Metals Bundle.

The buzz around precious metals has been growing steadily louder, particularly in the current climate of economic instability brought on by COVID-19. Yet even so, buying, storing, and selling precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum has always been a difficult and expensive process.

Until now. Dacxi – a global Crypto Wealth Platform, dedicated to helping people find their path to prosperity through crypto – is making diversifying into precious metals simple. By tokenizing the physical metals, Dacxi has created an easy, cost-effective, and secure digital solution.

Dacxi’s Precious Metals Bundle lets everyday people purchase gold, silver, and platinum in a digital form. The bundle contains the all-new Dacxi Gold Token, Dacxi Silver Token, Dacxi Platinum Token, and Dacxi Coins – the currency of the Dacxi economy.

Each token represents ownership of one equivalent ounce of the physical underlying Precious Metal.

While investors commonly focus on investing in gold alone, the opportunities of silver and platinum shouldn’t be overlooked. Gold is currently trading near record highs, silver is 40% below record highs, and platinum’s large potential is making big waves in the industry. Dacxi’s Precious Metals Bundle gives consumers the opportunity to diversify, and take advantage of the increased performance of a range of safe-haven assets – not just gold.

‘Our philosophy has always been to create the simplest, smartest, most secure products for our customers,’ states Dacxi CEO Ed Ludbrook. ‘Dacxi’s Blue Chip Bundle has historically outperformed Bitcoin with the benefit of lower risk from diversification, and we expect that the Precious Metal Bundle will similarly out-perform a pure gold purchase.’