Ian Lowe Appointed New Dacxi Global CEO

30 September 2021 - Dacxi is excited to announce that Ian Lowe, the current CEO of Dacxi Australia and New Zealand, has been appointed as the new Dacxi Global CEO. Lowe is replacing Dacxi’s founder, Ed Ludbrook, who will assume the role of Executive Chairman.


“Ian is incredibly talented, and he brings the unique experience required to lead Dacxi into the next stage of our development,” states Ludbrook. “Over the next two years, Dacxi will lead the emerging Crypto-Wealth market with our global network of platforms already pioneered in the UK and Australia. We are also launching the first global tokenized crowd-funding platform called the Dacxi Chain. Ian is the ideal person to lead our global team to achieve the success we have been working for since 2017”.

Ian Lowe is an Australian-based executive who co-founded and led the building of a global network of digital media trading platforms encompassing  over 20 countries and billions of dollars in transactions. He led the company to a successful public listing and ran the company for 16 years. 

“After six months with Dacxi I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Ed and establish a plan to deliver on the vision for the company,” says Lowe. “Over the last 12 months the company has focused on laying the foundations needed to scale exponentially. The nucleus of our vision is to empower everyday investors around the world with access to the wealth building opportunities of  the Crypto-Assets. As Dacxi Global CEO, I look forward to helping make that vision a reality.”