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Singapore-based Crypto Wealth pioneers, Dacxi, have announced the launch of their new portfolio product; the Blue Ocean Bundle. Building on the success of the global fintech company’s Blue Chip Bundle, the Blue Ocean Bundle consists of 30% Polkadot, 30% Chainlink, 20% Stellar, and 20% Dacxi Coin.


The Blue Ocean Bundle is named for the entrepreneurial term, ‘Blue Ocean’, which describes a new market with little competition and huge innovation potential. “Today, there are few markets more ‘blue ocean’ than blockchain. And when it comes to blockchain tech innovation, Polkadot, Chainlink, and Stellar, are all leading the charge,” says Managing Director of Dacxi UK and Eire, Katharine Woolller. 


Polkadot is paving the way in the technology that links blockchains together, and Chainlink is innovating the technology that links outside feeds of information and value into blockchains. Stellar is pioneering financial system blockchains, while the Dacxi Coin is the native coin of the Dacxi economy – set to power Dacxi’s revolutionary global innovation funding system, coming in 2022.