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“The Dacxi Community Exchange Ecosystem - Pioneering A New Category Of Exchange”

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Finance Derivative
Extraordinary returns for extraordinary times

Fintech Magazine
Startup spotlight: Dacxi, the crowd finance pioneer.

Daily Business Magazine
Counting on a crypto future that's getting a bit closer.

Ideal bedfellows for wealth accumulation
Property and Cryptocurrency

Finance Derivative
Bitcoin comes of Age

Fintech Alliance
Ask a fintech: How can client relationships be managed remotely?

Total processing
The Future of a Cashless Society

Global Banking and Finance review
How COVID-19 killed cash and what will replace it.

Scottish Herald
Jasper Hamill: Will cryptocurrencies come of age during COVID crisis?

Cryptocurrency Magazine
How the new crypto-yuan will change global banking forever

Bob’s Guide
Crypto exchanges welcome traditional bank relationships

Crypto Currency Magazine
Btc halving. The greatest party we didn’t get to have.

Be your own
What It Means To Be A Truly Authentic Leader By Katharine Wooller

Malta Times
Considering crypto

We are Tech women
Career development - What I wished I'd known | Katharine Wooller

Global Banking and Finance
Different models certainly, but fintechs and traditional banks need each other

Fintech Magazine
The future is brightest for women who crypto

Wealth Tribune
The future is brightest for women who crypto

Asset Digest
Crypto – What’s your best path out of the maze?

Fintech Bulletin
The infamous Twitter hack of 2020 – a story of credibility

Daily Business Group
Twitter hack ‘proved bitcoin’s transparency’

Verdict Magazine
Bitcoin price hits $11,000, raising possibility of “multi-year bull run”

Finance Derivative
Bitcoins upward trend is turning the head of even the most cautious investor

We are tech women
A Need for Speed and Valuation Madness | Adventures of a Unicorn

Finance Derivative
Covid-19 and negative interest rates – A perfect storm

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