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Sydney News Today
Dacxi secures new partnership to shape the future of investing in precious metals

Business Daily Media
New Dacxi and ABC Bullion partnership set to shake up the future of precious metals

Coin Market Impact
Dacxi and ABC Bullion revolutionise precious metals investing

FinTech Australia
New Partnership between Dacxi and ABC Bullion

Wired UK
How a squid game crypto scam got away with millions

Daily Express
Cryptocurrency "rewrites the retirement rulebook"

Deutsche Welle
DW Business

TRT World
Dacxi comments on TRT World

How Doge, bitcoin, and Ethereum are tracking today in terms of cryptocurrency price predictions for 2021
Le drame minier de Bitcoin en Chine est terminé. Pourquoi Bitcoin est-il toujours un raté ?

China’s Bitcoin Mining Drama Is Over. Why Is Bitcoin Still A Dud?

Investment Magazine
Ethereum Price Prediction 2022, 2025, and 2030

BBC World News
BBC World News

Crypto Goes Official

International Business Times
Dogecoin to Reach the Heights of Bitcoin Post Crypto Market Crash? Here's What Experts Say

Daily Express
Dogecoin warning: Will Dogecoin reach heights of bitcoin?

Crypto Recap with AusBiz

Crypto Recap with AusBiz

Daily Express
Cryptocurrency price prediction 2021

Closer Magazine
How to invest in crypto currency?
Bitcoin Price: will BTC hit $100K?

Finance Derivative
Tough times call for tough actions - hodl!

Is cryptocurrency the future of money for women?

Money and Finance
Elon Musk: Cryptos most important fan

CryptoCurrency Guide
Is Bitcoin the new gold?

Daily Express
Bitcoin price: Will BTC hit $100K? '

Markets Insider
Bitcoin smashes through $53,000 barrier to record high

The Telegraph UK
Crypto millionaires having trouble buying prime property

Markets Insider
Elon Musk's Tesla has stopped taking Bitcoin, but is weighing greener options

Daily Express
Pension: Retirees consider riskier products as interest rates plummet

Charged Retail
How long until we can all pay with cryptocurrency?
Ethereum's Price Prediction

The Naked Property Investor
A recent podcast where Katharine Wooller takes you through all things crypto

The Successful Founder
IWD Inspirational Female Founders Spotlight: Katharine Wooller

Money and Finance
How crypto will change the face of finance

Business Insider
Elon Musk's Tesla has stopped taking bitcoin and is weighing greener options

Information Age
The future role of cryptocurrencies in financial markets

Money and Finance Magazine
How will crypto change the face of finance?

Daily Express
Bitcoin to impact retirement plans: It's only a 'matter of time' until pensions own crypto

The Fintech Times
UK Fintech News: The Latest Stories This Week 24/02

Bitcoin smashes through $53,000 barrier to record high, boosting its price gain this year to 81%

Daily Express
Bitcoin explained: Should I invest in Bitcoin? How to buy cryptocurrencies

Finance Derivative
Opportunity in volatility

Dacxi joins self-regulating trade group CryptoUK as executive member

Information Age
Cryptocurrency: the boom is here to stay

Malta Business Weekly
Business Insider: Female Investors – Crypto for the win

Finance Derivative
Bitcoin surges past $20k - Why its time to recognise its mainstream value

Fintech Magazine
BBVA launches Bitcoin trading and custody

We are tech women
Females finding financial freedom

Blockchain Tribune
Bitcoin hits all time high - why it matters

Finance Derivative
Extraordinary returns for extraordinary times

Fintech Magazine
Startup spotlight: Dacxi, the crowd finance pioneer

Daily Business Magazine
Counting on a crypto future that's getting a bit closer

Finance Derivative
Bitcoin comes of age

Fintech Alliance
Ask a fintech: How can client relationships be managed remotely?

Total Processing
The future of a cashless society

Global Banking and Finance review
How COVID-19 killed cash and what will replace it

Scottish Herald
Jasper Hamill: Will cryptocurrencies come of age during COVID crisis?

Cryptocurrency Magazine
How the new crypto-yuan will change global banking forever

Daily Express
Cryptocurrency 'rewrites the retirement rulebook'

Bob’s Guide
Crypto exchanges welcome traditional bank relationships

Crypto Currency Magazine
Btc halving. The greatest party we didn’t get to have

Be Your Own
What it means to be a truly authentic leader

Malta Times
Considering crypto

We Are Tech Women
Career development - What I wished I'd known

Global Banking and Finance
Different models certainly, but fintechs and traditional banks need each other

Fintech Magazine
The future is brightest for women who crypto

Wealth Tribune
The future is brightest for women who crypto

Asset Digest
Crypto – What’s your best path out of the maze?

Fintech Bulletin
The infamous Twitter hack of 2020 – a story of credibility

Daily Business Group
Twitter hack ‘proved bitcoin’s transparency’

Verdict Magazine
Bitcoin price hits $11,000, raising possibility of “multi-year bull run”

Finance Derivative
Bitcoins upward trend is turning the head of even the most cautious investor

We Are Tech Women
A need for speed and valuation madness

Finance Derivative
Covid-19 and negative interest rates – A perfect storm

Cryptocurrency Guide
Property and cryptocurrency

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