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Dacxi company fact sheet

Crypto Wealth

A new sector of wealth creation

Crypto-technology is an exciting and thriving industry, with multi-trillion dollar potential. Within this fast-growing industry, Dacxi is pioneering a whole new sector:

Crypto Wealth.

What is Crypto Wealth?
Crypto Wealth is the true democratisation of crypto finance – creating a future where everydaypeople have the opportunity to build wealth through crypto.

What is Dacxi?
Dacxi is a Crypto Wealth Platform. A single-stop online hub, where everyday investors can get thesupport they need to invest in crypto with confidence – and find their path to prosperity.

The problem

The crypto knowledge gap.

Millions of non-investors have bought crypto, but government research shows that nearly all of them have only purchased enough for a speculative bet. It’s not enough to build their wealth.

This is because, for the vast majority of people, crypto-currencies are still a mystery. They’re complicated, unfamiliar, and intimidating. The lack of clarity and knowledge around crypto has created a huge barrier between everyday people and potential financial freedom.

The solution

Dacxi’s Crypto Wealth Platform.

Dacxi is breaking down those barriers, with an easy-to-use platform where people can securely buy, sell, store, and learn about crypto.

Our easy-to-understand bundles make purchasing crypto simple, for even the newest of newbies. And with the Dacxi Wealth System’s supportive community and educational resources, we’re empowering everyday people to invest in crypto with unstoppable confidence.

Our markets

We’re global and growing.

Since its 2017 launch, Dacxi has grown to five offices in three regions. It’s a truly global platform, reaching customers in 47 countries – with particularly strong markets in Australia and the UK. By the end of 2021, Dacxi will have expanded to no fewer than 50 national platforms.

The future of crypto

An industry poised for explosive growth.

2019 and 2020 have seen crypto evolve into the world’s best-performing asset class. Driven by institutional investments and consumer companies, crypto-currencies are projected to continue to outperform other assets in the years to come. The ‘tokenisation’ of assets will only accelerate that growth.

With crypto-assets still relatively new to the wealth market, they aren’t yet fully understood by a majority of market professionals. That means Dacxi is perfectly positioned to be an industry leader, at the forefront of this remarkable financial frontier.

The Dacxi Coin

Building our own Dacxi economy.

Dacxi has created its own crypto-currency:

The Dacxi Coin.

The Dacxi coin is designed to drive growth, and build the Dacxi economy. The world’s first Wealth Builder Coin, the Dacxi Coin has incredible potential for growth – and will be listed on external exchanges soon.

Please read the Dacxi Coin Blue Paper

Our products

Low risk, high performance.

Dacxi products are designed to help our customers achieve financial freedom, and unlock their path to prosperity. Our three bundles are simple to understand, and are a low-risk, low-barrier-to-entry way for both crypto newbies and experts to invest.

Blue Chip Bundle
The smart, simple, and secure way for newbies and experts alike to buy the world’s biggest crypto-currencies.

Precious Metals Bundle
A high-performing, low-risk bundle of digital Precious Metal tokens – including gold, silver and platinum.

DAC Pack
A bundle of 100% Dacxi Coins; the currency for the global Dacxi economy. A limited time offer with huge prosperity potential.


In-house experts and innovators.

At Dacxi, we’re proud to develop all our specialist crypto-exchange technology and blockchain-based assets in-house.

We own all our code, and our technology platform is entirely bespoke. Designed to deliver the security, speed, and functionality needed for a world-class global platform.

Platform as a Service
Dacxi has spent the last three years developing the technology needed to build a global network of Crypto Wealth Platforms. This world-leading technology forms the basis of our PaaS (Platform as a Service) business.


World-class and industry-leading.

Security is our customers’ number one priority, which means it’s Dacxi’s number one priority, too. We’re one of the few in industry to achieve independent A+ security ratings [Observatory/Mozilla].

About Dacxi

Our company details.

August 2017
Ed Ludbrook
MD UK & Europe:
Katharine Wooller
Singapore, Australia, UK, Estonia, New Zealand, Brazil
Regulatory oversight:
EU Crypto-Exchange license. AUSTRAC. Other permissions applied for.
Business Model
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • A Crypto Wealth Platform, helping the public build wealth through Blue Chip Crypto
  • Build a global network of platforms (projections are for 100 platforms by 2022)
  • Future expansion into other Crowd Wealth products, with a unique global Innovation Funding model designed to solve the Innovation Funding Gap.

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