Dacxi joins CryptoUK, the trade association for the UK Cryptoasset industry


Dacxi joins CryptoUK, the trade association for the UK Cryptoasset industry

Dacxi, the UK’s fastest-growing digital asset exchange, is delighted to announce it has joined CryptoUK, the trade association for the UK Cryptoasset industry. 

Dacxi joins as an Executive Member and will be part of the committee that determines the direction and policies of the association.  Other executive members include Ripple, eToro, Binance, and Coinbase.

Katharine Wooller, Managing Director of Dacxi UK said I am thrilled that Dacxi is joining CryptoUK, alongside other leading companies in the sector. This is a great recognition of our growing role and influence in the UK’s crypto ecosystem


About CryptoUK 

Launched in March 2018, CryptoUK is the U.K.’s trade association representing the digital asset sector. Our members, compose of leading companies from across the sector, believe that crypto and digital assets can help enhance the way we undertake financial transactions, to the benefit of consumers, business and security.

Together, we are working to help educate policymakers and regulators about the crypto and digital asset industry, and to work with them to develop a balanced and fit-for-purpose regulatory framework for the UK. Our members believe that by working together with policymakers and with each other, we can ensure that the U.K. fulfills its potential to be a global leader in this exciting new industry. 

In 2020 the three key position statements were as follows:

1. To work with policymakers towards creating a fairer, more transparent, and consistent approach for FCA regulated financial institutions to risk assess a digital asset-related business in the UK to open a bank account.

2. To engage regularly with Her Majesty’s Treasury to support policymaker education around emerging digital asset trends and business models.

3. To establish with policymakers a balanced, fair and consistent approach to the governance and oversight of the sale of investment products referencing crypto asset to retail clients 

For 2021 we believe that it is essential to ensure that our advocacy work goes one step further, by ensuring a targeted proactive approach. Following input from our members, we will shortly be issuing 2021 key policy objectives.


Ian Taylor, Chair of Crypto UK commented We are delighted to welcome Dacxi as our most recent Executive Member. We look forward to working with Katharine and her team ensuring the UK is at the forefront of our dynamic new industry“.


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About Dacxi

Dacxi operates the world’s first Crypto Wealth Platform with a mission to democratize wealth and unlock prosperity for all. Established in 2017, Dacxi is a single stop platform where you can buy, sell, store and learn crypto. To support our customers, we provide a unique Wealth Builder System designed to develop crypto confidence for everyday people using education, resources, support and a highly engaged community. Headquartered in Singapore, Dacxi is operational in five countries and comes with an independently audited A+ security rating with bank grade protection.

To know more about Dacxi and its operations, visit www.dacxi.com or connect on Linkedln, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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