Dacxi Australia Integrates a POLi Pay Option


Dacxi Australia Integrates a POLi Pay Option

Global Crypto Wealth Platform, Dacxi, is making it quicker than ever for everyday Australians to buy cryptocurrency, with the introduction of POLi Pay. The new buying option will let Australian Dacxi customers make purchases of up to $2,000 using POLi Pay’s fast, secure, and free payment system. With POLi Pay, purchases will be instant – giving customers a lightning-fast way to buy crypto.


“The world of crypto moves at a breathtaking pace, and buyers need to move equally quickly to get some skin in the game,” says Dacxi CEO and Founder, Ed Ludbrook. “We’re thrilled to be able to provide our Australian customers with a payment option that isn’t just safe, secure, and free, but is also much faster than traditional bank transfers.”


POLi Pay can be used by anyone who uses Australian internet banking facilities and is accepted by all the major Australian banks. This high accessibility appeals to Dacxi’s company mission to democratise and demystify cryptocurrencies. “We aim to empower everyday people to buy crypto with confidence,” says Ludbrook. “Partnering with POLi Pay is a natural next step in achieving that goal.”


2020 was a banner year for the crypto industry. Companies like PayPal and Venmo began accepting crypto, several governments announced plans to launch their own digital currencies, and coin prices rose to record highs. In 2021, the industry’s upwards trajectory looks set to continue. “There’s never been a more exciting moment in crypto,” says Ludbrook. “To all those wondering when the best time to buy crypto is, the answer is yesterday.”


The POLi Pay tool launches on the Dacxi platform on 7th April 2021. To purchase crypto safely and securely using POLi Pay, visit Dacxi’s world-leading exchange at dacxi.com.  

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