Crypto company Dacxi pioneers a whole new industry sector


Crypto company Dacxi pioneers a whole new industry sector

As the global crypto industry continues to grow and mature, a new niche is emerging; Crypto Wealth.

Crypto Wealth is about helping people build their long-term wealth by investing in crypto-assets. Pioneered by Dacxi – a crypto company dedicated to helping their customers build their crypto confidence – Crypto Wealth is set to democratize crypto, and spread its potential gains to everyday investors.

For the past decade, the industry has been dominated by the crypto-trading sector. Traders who earn income by riding short-term fluctuations in coin prices, or speculating on new coin launches (ICOs), have given way to a number of crypto success stories. And with the launch of derivative platforms and algo-trading, institutional trading volumes have exploded.

This booming market has piqued the interest of tens of millions of retail investors, looking for their own taste of crypto success.

However, recent British government FCA research confirms that the majority of this new breed of buyers approach crypto as a gamble, rather than a credible asset class. Their crypto-holdings are well below the level of wealth-investment, with the common mantra of ‘only invest as much as you can afford to lose’ confirming the gambler’s mindset.

Dacxi is seeking to change this mindset, by pioneering the new Crypto Wealth sector. Focusing on helping people build their crypto wealth with the right products and free educational resources, Dacxi is systemizing crypto education. Filling the existing knowledge gap, and providing new investors with the skills they need to invest with confidence.

In the crypto industry, this unapologetic focus on the customer is rare. ‘This sector is new, so a small initial investment is understandable, but it’s what happens after this that matters,’ says Dacxi CEO, Ed Ludbrook. ‘Over the past three years we’ve pioneered a system that will build user confidence rapidly. This is how our people can keep ahead of the market as it evolves and thus maximise their returns.’

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About Dacxi

Dacxi operates the world’s first Crypto Wealth Platform with a mission to democratize wealth and unlock prosperity for all. Established in 2017, Dacxi is a single stop platform where you can buy, sell, store and learn crypto. To support our customers, we provide a unique Wealth Builder System designed to develop crypto confidence for everyday people using education, resources, support and a highly engaged community. Headquartered in Singapore, Dacxi is operational in five countries and comes with an independently audited A+ security rating with bank grade protection.

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