Dacxi Programmes

Buy a ‘Blue Chip' Bundle

This is the simplest and smartest entry into the crypto growth market today. You are buying the three biggest ‘Blue Chip’ cryptos in the same ratios that the world’s largest financial institutions have stated they are buying or offering to clients. You also get a small amount of Dacxi’s own hyper-growth DAC Coin with a possible bonus of 50% more DAC!

1.  A bundle of these three Blue Chip coins outperformed Bitcoin in the last boom by 100%.

2.  Once purchased, you can sell coins individually at any time.

3.  The bundle is made up of 50% Bitcoin, 20% Ether, 10% Litecoin, 20% DAC Coin.

4.  Buy now and get 50% more DAC Coins!

Buy a DAC Pack

A 'DAC Pack' is made up of 100% DAC Coins and people are buying these because of the potential of the DAC Coin as Dacxi expands globally, with more countries, products and people. What has started with Australia and the UK will expand to 100 countries starting from 2020. What has started with simple Blue Chip Crypto will expand into Crowd-Crypto, Crowd-Funding and Crowd-Lending. Where Bitcoin could grow 5 times, the DAC Coin, being much newer and smaller, can grow 50 times.

1.  The DAC Coin is the ‘community coin’ of the global Dacxi Economy. It has seven specific uses within the economy. Three are already in operation, with the remaining four uses activated in 2020.

2.  As the Dacxi global economy expands exponentially with new countries, products and people, so will the DAC Coin’s use.

3.  Buying a DAC Pack now delivers up to 70% more DAC Coins over retail.