Dacxi Programmes

Buy a Dacxi Bundle

The Dacxi Bundle is a package containing 3 blue chip coins plus the DAC Coin. It comprises 50% Bitcoin, 20% Ethereum, 10% Litecoin and 20% DAC coin.

Dacxi believes that the crypto market is going to boom, and everyone needs to get involved now.

Powerful reasons to buy now

1.  Buying a Bundle is simple, as Dacxi does the all the complex work.

2.  Bank deposit rates are now so low that you lose money after inflation.

3.  The second crypto boom has started, already up 100% in 2019, driven by financial institutions.

4.  Buying today gets another 50% more DAC Coin.

Buy a DAC Pack

The DAC Coin is the community currency of the Global Dacxi Economy. A 'DAC Pack' is made up of 100% DAC Coins and people are buying these because of the potential of the DAC Coin as Dacxi expands globally, with more products and people. Where Bitcoin could grow 5 times, the DAC Coin, being much newer and smaller, can grow 50 times. The coin’s future is based on the sound basis of a strong business platform, revenues, staff and customers. What has started with Australia and the UK will expand to 100 countries starting from 2020.

1.  Coin Utility - get the coin value from discounts on exchange fees, premium Dacxi Community benefits and offers.

2.  Growing Demand - As our product features and global marketing efforts increase, so too will demand for the DAC Coin.