Pioneered by Dacxi, Crypto Wealth is a long-term investing perspective. It sees crypto as a whole new asset class, and the key that's unlocking access to wealth building opportunities that were previously behind closed doors. Crypto Wealth offers unique benefits that empowers you to grab these opportunities with both hands, and take control of your financial future.

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Crypto is the world's most exciting asset class. It's not just a speculative bet or a quick gamble. It's a whole new way to build your long-term wealth. That's why Dacxi has pioneered Crypto Wealth. We've spent years building the platform, recruiting the people, and creating the performance tools that everyday people need to succeed with crypto.

So you can create the financial freedom you've been looking for.



Launched in 2017, Dacxi is the world's first purpose-built Crypto Wealth platform. Its simple and user-friendly interface is designed for those who see crypto as a way to build long-term wealth. We only offer the world's most high-performing and high-potential coins, and we've made it easier than ever to build a crypto portfolio. So everyday people can take their first crypto steps with confidence, with Dacxi.



Crypto can be complex, overwhelming, and intimidating. Especially for first time investors. To succeed, you need guidance. Not Google searches or YouTube videos, but tailored specialist support from a trusted source. Dacxi's world-class customer service is here to help, including one-on-one access to Dacxi experts, and live group meetings. So you can get the answers and support you need to win.


Performance Tools

In the ever-changing world of crypto, you need the right tools and resources to build wealth. Our education platform - Dacxi LEARN - provides video content, reports, and specialist CPD-accredited courses. Our Market Insights division shares research and market analysis to help build your crypto confidence. And whether you're an experienced investor or a crypto newbie, our rapidly evolving investment strategy toolset is there to guide you along the way.

High-performing assets

Dacxi offers a carefully selected (and regularly reviewed) catalogue of Crypto Wealth assets. They're some of the highest-performing and highest-potential coins in the world - chosen for their medium-to-long-term investment potential.

We've made building your Dacxi Wealth Portfolio easy. You can quickly and simply purchase multiple diversified crypto assets in a single transaction, with our innovative Dacxi Bundles. Or if you have a particular coin in mind, you can choose from our expertly curated selection of individual coins.


Bundles Performance

Blue Ocean Bundle

- 48%


Blue Chip Bundlle

- 17%

+ 961%

Precious Metals Bundle

- 9%

+ 20.16%

1 yr Change

3 yr Change

1/4/21 - 31/3/22

1/4/19 - 31/3/22


Safety and Security

The safety and security of your Crypto Wealth investment is our highest priority.

Security. With Dacxi, security of your crypto assets is of utmost importance. We use a third party custodian to secure most of the crypto assets currently offered on our platform. These assets are insured by the custodian. Crypto assets that are not custodied are secured using cold wallet storage. Our platform follows account login best practice, and protects users by requiring a strong multi-character password and two-factor authentication. In addition, all Dacxi employees are subject to stringent background checks.

Regulatory oversight. Dacxi enforces strict verification and monitoring standards, including KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti money laundering) controls. Dacxi also complies with NCA standards. For more details on security, please see the Safety and Security section of this website.

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Privacy. Dacxi abides by data privacy regulations in all markets, ensuring your data is private and secure.